Friday, July 28, 2006

Mr. X vs Me

Mr. X : Muuaaahh
Me : Kiss kiss

Me : Hey u, how are you doin?
Mr. X : busy busy busy, I'm in BKK

Mr. X : I'm going to Russia to shoot next week
Me : Wow that's cool!

Mr. X : How are you?
Me : I'm okay, just got back from Bali.. Got tanned ;)
Mr. X : I wanna see!
Me : you will he he

Me : finished work in Vietnam?
Mr. X : TC today, in BKK. Haven't got chance to eat today
Mr. X : I will get skinny... :(

Me : Hey, don't get too skinny, i don't like it!
Mr. X : I won't
Mr. X : Got to go, chat more later
Mr. X : I'll show you the Vietnam work once it finished.

That was my last conversation with Mr. X and haven't got any more news after that, nothing special in this conversation tho....
But, somehow he always managed to update me on what ever he's up to, just like when he's thinking to move here, when he's done the final negotiation with apartment tenant and when he found a cool car to buy.

No expectation, just let it flows... Anyhow, he makes my life more colorful tho.. :)

Thursday, July 27, 2006

David in Bali (7 - 9 July 2006)

We have a blast in Bali, but still not enough for me... I want to stay there longer, just relax, chilin' and laying on the beach get tanned and the most fun of all is no work at all.... Next time should stay longer, 1 full week would be great.... dreaming.....

Monday, July 03, 2006

Another thought

"You love someone with your heart & mind, not with your presence"

Hmm.. Is it enough only with heart & mind without presence at all? It's like you know deep down there you have someone that loves you very much, but what's the point of having that if we can not have the moment with them to cherish your love?

I believe, if you are brave enough to say that you love someone then you have to be ready for any circumstances & consequences, am i rite?

Which one would you choose, the love or the presence?

For me, love without presence is like having only 1 foot, and you need 2 foots to be able to walk properly. The combination of love and presence make everything perfect and on the right track. I want to have it all at the same time, his love and his presence is important for me.
Love is like a plant, you need to pour it with water & manure everyday in order to make it grows strong unles it will die, so does love.. you have to pour it with attention, caring and great moments together so your love will grow strongly.

I also believe that life is not measured by the breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away, one of the moments that take our breath away could be one of the moments with our loved one :)