Friday, December 15, 2006


I feel much better now, after analyzed it over the night about the pro and cons, I wasn’t as mad as yesterday yeahh.. still have that feeling but try to minimize it though.

Yes, I am disappointed, yes I am sad, yes I am angry, yes I feel rejected, and yes I wish this isn’t happening to me.

Actually I got what I want though, it’s only last Tuesday I mentioned to my close friends that I miss multinational client, somehow they are different with local client (no offense my local clients J) and after my meeting at Surabaya I wanted it even more. And now I got my multinational client, blessing in this new arrangement. “Be careful with what you wish for”

My biggest disappointment is the unfair situation and the unfair arrangement. I expecting him to be the big guy for all of us, place we can count on to hang on but he disappointed me, badly. But there’s nothing I can do for subjective judgment though.

Should I hate whoever caused this situation? Does hate is the right word to describe my feeling? For now, I don’t know the answer.

I won’t act like a saint or an angel like nothing is wrong with this situation and I’m ok with it, I’m not gonna lie but somehow it will affect our friendship in the future, sadly to say. But I’m going to be the big person here, nothing personal let’s stick to professionalism and life goes on.

I’m only human after all, I have feelings, not always positive feeling though, I have my own frustration, my own thought about the situation. But since this is happening to me, what I could do is accepting this as part of the path that I have to go thru.

It sucks for sure, but then again acceptance is the keyword. What I can do is trying to get the best out of this situation.

Maybe God has another plans for me, and whatever it is, surely He knows what best for me :)

Thursday, December 14, 2006



This isn’t happening to me, Gosh please tell me that this is not happening to me…..

It finally happens, the day that I got the official news....

I am so fucking mad of the situation, I shouldn’t get this, and this is not fucking fair!!!!

Feels like i wanna punch someone!!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A theory that is Vato Theorem

I was there with this man and his buddy when they're talking bout this theory and gather all the facts, so i'm still part of it rite.. ;) They even planned to make movie and book about this theory and it's my obligation to publish it in my blog so it will get more exposure :)

You decide, whether he's nuts or maybe some of you will think it might be true but it is scary thing.....
For me, he's just being him :)

Interesting to read tho... enjoy....

Actually, this has been long time coming. Therefore this particular post will be quite long, so please bear with me or type another URLand move on with your day.

Some said that if you discover something, the sooner you publish itthe better. Otherwise, someone else will stake a claim to it first, and you'll end up cursing yourself for the "loss of potential gain" for the rest of your life. And now, with this thing called blogging, obviously anyone anywhere can publicly declare anything they want, anytime.Let's see whether this medium will stand the test of time and beour testament to where thoughts can be cast in stone, erm, pixels? It has arguably proven the founder of the ":)" symbol (first recordedback in 1982, with the solid proof defined in 2002), you know.

I should have posted this sometime in 2005 though. Procrastination got the better of me, as always.

Am I loony enough to predict that the human civilization as we know it shall end sometime in the year 4008 AD? Maybe I am. Forget 2012 AD declared by the Mayans, it is 4008 AD (Note to clients/employers: you're entitled to worry about this twisted side of me :D)

4008 AD, a simple number derived from loosely identifying patternin chaos, mostly from highly unpredictable sports statistics (to backthis sh*t up, am lucky enough to have a Biff Tannen-esque living sports almanac as a best friend). Indeed, am taking a huge risk with this theory, going against an opinion by Helen Joyce on the dangers of spotting patterns in random things

Why 4008 AD?

Because 2004 AD is what the Vato Theorem shall define as The Midpoint of Time. The year when everything comes full circle and curses/streaks are broken. Everything returned to where it allstarted. Few major examples from,

Summer Olympics returns to Athens, site of the first modern Summer Olympics in 1896

Boston Red Sox win the World Series for the first time since 1918, breaking the Curse of the Bambino

Detroit Pistons win NBA Finals, a rematch from 1989 when they also beat the Los Angeles Lakers for the title

New England Patriots win the Super Bowl again, after winning it for the first time in 2002

Greece beat host nation Portugal to win Euro 2004 with a 1 – 0 score, a rematch of the opening game of this tournament when they also beat Portugal with the exact same score


Michael Schumacher wins the last of his 7 F-1 titles in a row

Vijay Singh replaces Tiger Woods at the top of the world rankings,ending Woods' reign of five years and four weeks

In another note, 2004 AD was also the year a president named George Bush lead a nation at war.

Locally, Golkar returns to win General Election.

Coincidence, you say? Given this many examples, it's pretty doubtful. Why did all the above occurences pick 2004 AD as the moment for them to return to their original state? No other year in recorded history has this many "coincidences", I believe.

More examples to come, on this twisted prophecy. Hereby I boldly declare that year 2004 AD was arguably the peak of humanity, hence everything has been going downhill from that moment on ward. The growth of acceleration declining to zero, returning to innocence.

If am lucky enough to be cryogenically frozen sometime in the future (and this blog still exists, or in someone's back-up tape), will someone unfreeze me should we safely reach Jan 1st, 4009?


Whoaa aku dapet tugas dari Wenni dan Miund ini dia sekelumit tentang diriku... ini yang fact about me harus 7 ya gak bisa lebih? kayaknya banyak banget fact about me hehehe

7 Facts About Me
1. Seneng ketawa, seneng tidur, seneng makan
2. Sunda banget, segala dedaunan dimakan hihihi

3. Stubborn
4. Love being loved

5. Pengen bisa terbang kayak Superman jadi gampang kalo mau kemana2 ga kena macet haha
6. Jutek judes dan galak sama orang yang disuka dan gak berusaha nutupin
7. Sensitif dan sering banget nangis kalo nonton film (sstt don’t tell anyone ya)

7 Cita-cita
1. Menemukan Mr. Right dan menghabiskan sisa hidup bersamanya
2. Jadi orang yang selalu bahagia
3. Buka pastry shop or florist (duh kok nggak gw banget yak)
4. Ikutan Amazing Race, lemme know if anybody wanna be my team mate :D
5. Pengen kerja diluar negeri
6. Jadi penari latarnya Madonna or JLO gitu seru kali ya hahahaha
7. Dapet surga dunia dan akhirat, amien

7 Tempat yang pengen didatengin
1. Vienna
2. Greece
3. Ibiza

4. Maldives
5. Prague for some reasons ;)
6. Paris
7. South Carolina for some reasons too :)

7 Tempat enak buat makan
1. Rumah nyokap, top abisss dah
2. Sushi Tei (mana ada lagi tempat sushi enak dan murah)

3. Bugils (spaghetti tuna-nya gak ada duanya deh, sedappp)
4. Cazbar (must try mango squid saladnya)

5. Keyaki (warjep deket rumah gw, enak dan murah, sayang udah pindah ga tau kemana, ada yang tau ga mereka sekarang ada dimana????)
6. Dimana aja as long as sama orang yang aku sayang.. hmm...
7. Hu’u Bar.. suasannya romantis bangeeett yang di outdoor.. ahh jadi pengen kesana

7 Ucapan terimakasih
1. God the almighty atas segala rahmat dan rizki yang udah diberikan
2. My greatest mom
3. My grandma, without her surely i won’t be here rite ;)
4. My inner circle, thanks for always be there for me guys
5. Pecipta HP dan yang nemuin internet, life is soo easy coz of these 2 items
6. The wealthies yang punya club dan bar dan segala isinya (alcohol, chemical, weeds, hot men), hey we need to pamper ourself once in awhile rite ;)
7. To life.. yeah I’m so thankful of my life :)

7 orang yang harus ngerjain tugas ini juga...
1. Keke
2. Anita
3. Aryaaa
4. Farika
5. Wita
6. Adri
7. Sim

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Love is in the air

I just read this blog silverlines the last posting was about love, hmm… got me thinking when was the last time I feel that kind of mushy feeling.. it’s quite along time ago i guess :))

What is love actually?

Where is love?

Why we need love?

Never understand love.

But one thing I know, you can not choose whom you would be falling in love with.

So when you find love, take a good care of it coz love is like a plant, it also needs to be showered by caring, affection, loving and even jealousy so it will grow and grow and grow and grow, pray it wont die.

Friday, December 08, 2006


Ok, I have to admit it that the couple of days I had mood swing, I can suddenly pissed of by something small and I know I shouldn’t be like that, but I can’t help it. It’s my hormones talking by it self, or maybe it’s my alter ego who’s talking.

My 1st victim was my colleague, we’re close friends actually and being 24 y.o girl I can not blame her that sometimes she’s just too naïve. This morning she popped silly question about email I sent to people in the office, well maybe she doesn’t mean to be silly but somehow my take out is silly, and I response her with sharp word.

My 2nd victim was my ex colleague, actually she already experienced my sharp and bitter words from last night when we were talked on MSN. She has this urgent need that she needs to fulfill, but since she’s single she has difficulty in finding a way to fulfill it. She got this option but she didn’t take it, and instead of explore other possibility she’s just whining about it. For God sake, just do something, find a way or just don’t do it at all and stop whining! Gosh…..
Today, she’s complaining about her weight, she thinks she’s gained weight, of course you are my dear, you eat a lot and never go to the gym. Stop complaining and move your ass to the gym!

Ok ok, maybe I’m too much, but being me, if I want something I just do it. Let say, I want to lose another weight I just do diet and work out hard, I don’t whine or complain to everybody. I just do it.

Stop complaining, stop whining, make up your mind, don’t only talk, and just do it! For God sake!!!!!! Gosh, I couldn’t stand of inconsistent people

Maybe this is the dark side of me, apart of being nice and always listen to my friends I also have capacity to snap at things, especially to someone that couldn’t make up their mind. I’m not always understanding, caring and compromising things, sometimes I just being bitter, selfish and dark. Or maybe because I am a Leo? A tough Leo. Or maybe because I’m having PMS?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Blog = party?

I just wanna say that having a blog is the same thing as you’re having a party. How many readers/ visitors of your blog can represent how many people would come to your party. The party it self and the theme should attract people to stay long at your party, same thing as your blog. We have to keep writing the exciting stories so that people would come over, visit and read our blog, and the good thing is when they come back to our blog and become regular visitors.

Me, my self have fave blogs that I always visit every time I have time to read, just wanna catch up with them coz apparently their blog belongs to my friends hehehe… and from their blog somehow I can understand more about them and know what’s going on around them. So I will always keep update with their life.

But for me, the 1st reason I start this blog is so I have medium to write about everything, my feelings, my fears, my life, my friends and even write about nonsense hahahaha… never thought that I can write and love to write until I start this blog… as Wenni once says “menulis bagus untuk kesehatan jiwa” and I can not agree more with her. But I have to admit it that this blog is one of the right mediums to fulfill my narcissism hehehe

So, how’s my party doing? Am I going to have a big blast party or an empty one?

You decide my friends, who ever read this blog :)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Support your local DJ wannabe!

Ok, this post and the previous one was not originaly mine hehe... I just wanna support this special man (you can see his link at my friend's list) :p

Pick his track list, see it at "My Track List for M*zzotunes Indika FM" (posted previosly), and ssstt... the prize will be given to advertising gathering. So, pick his track list folks...... and support your local DJ wannabe!
There, made my word to help you :p

Well, what do you know. Yours truly will be featured on the FIRST episode of M*zzotunes on Indika FM, with the killer track list as previously posted here before.

Actually, I tried to squirm my way out of having to "race" (or "fly") first, but Indika FM has been kind enough to provide me with 4 of the tracks which I have yet to possess. Yes, you're supposed to own the audio file for each and every one of those tracks you had listed, to qualify. But then again, I do have them, unfortunately am unsure about their reproduction quality. Hence, that is very cool of them Indika indeed.

Nevertheless, tune to Indika 91.60 FM this Wednesday, Dec 6th 2006, from 9 p.m., and express your support to the local DJ wannabe!

Monday, December 04, 2006

My Track List for M*zzotunes Indika FM

01 Dust in The Wind - Gabriel & Dresden
02 Love Comes Again - Tiesto
03 Everytime - Lustral
04 Doctor Pressure - Mylo Vs. Miami Sound Machine
05 My Lexicon - Sander Kleinenberg
06 Heaven Scent - John Digweed
07 Janeiro - Solid Sessions
08 Seven Cities - Solarstone
09 Silence - Delerium
10 I Feel You - Schiller mit Heppner