Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A theory that is Vato Theorem

I was there with this man and his buddy when they're talking bout this theory and gather all the facts, so i'm still part of it rite.. ;) They even planned to make movie and book about this theory and it's my obligation to publish it in my blog so it will get more exposure :)

You decide, whether he's nuts or maybe some of you will think it might be true but it is scary thing.....
For me, he's just being him :)

Interesting to read tho... enjoy....

Actually, this has been long time coming. Therefore this particular post will be quite long, so please bear with me or type another URLand move on with your day.

Some said that if you discover something, the sooner you publish itthe better. Otherwise, someone else will stake a claim to it first, and you'll end up cursing yourself for the "loss of potential gain" for the rest of your life. And now, with this thing called blogging, obviously anyone anywhere can publicly declare anything they want, anytime.Let's see whether this medium will stand the test of time and beour testament to where thoughts can be cast in stone, erm, pixels? It has arguably proven the founder of the ":)" symbol (first recordedback in 1982, with the solid proof defined in 2002), you know.

I should have posted this sometime in 2005 though. Procrastination got the better of me, as always.

Am I loony enough to predict that the human civilization as we know it shall end sometime in the year 4008 AD? Maybe I am. Forget 2012 AD declared by the Mayans, it is 4008 AD (Note to clients/employers: you're entitled to worry about this twisted side of me :D)

4008 AD, a simple number derived from loosely identifying patternin chaos, mostly from highly unpredictable sports statistics (to backthis sh*t up, am lucky enough to have a Biff Tannen-esque living sports almanac as a best friend). Indeed, am taking a huge risk with this theory, going against an opinion by Helen Joyce on the dangers of spotting patterns in random things

Why 4008 AD?

Because 2004 AD is what the Vato Theorem shall define as The Midpoint of Time. The year when everything comes full circle and curses/streaks are broken. Everything returned to where it allstarted. Few major examples from,

Summer Olympics returns to Athens, site of the first modern Summer Olympics in 1896

Boston Red Sox win the World Series for the first time since 1918, breaking the Curse of the Bambino

Detroit Pistons win NBA Finals, a rematch from 1989 when they also beat the Los Angeles Lakers for the title

New England Patriots win the Super Bowl again, after winning it for the first time in 2002

Greece beat host nation Portugal to win Euro 2004 with a 1 – 0 score, a rematch of the opening game of this tournament when they also beat Portugal with the exact same score


Michael Schumacher wins the last of his 7 F-1 titles in a row

Vijay Singh replaces Tiger Woods at the top of the world rankings,ending Woods' reign of five years and four weeks

In another note, 2004 AD was also the year a president named George Bush lead a nation at war.

Locally, Golkar returns to win General Election.

Coincidence, you say? Given this many examples, it's pretty doubtful. Why did all the above occurences pick 2004 AD as the moment for them to return to their original state? No other year in recorded history has this many "coincidences", I believe.

More examples to come, on this twisted prophecy. Hereby I boldly declare that year 2004 AD was arguably the peak of humanity, hence everything has been going downhill from that moment on ward. The growth of acceleration declining to zero, returning to innocence.

If am lucky enough to be cryogenically frozen sometime in the future (and this blog still exists, or in someone's back-up tape), will someone unfreeze me should we safely reach Jan 1st, 4009?


Anonymous said...

The Vato Theorem is interesting for me....

What kind of experience that makes you scared, Eck? Are you still hoping him (your ex)? ;)

Unknown said...

Genie, the scary part is not hoping him, but how the whole theory can be true. Now i have to go back to my 1st agency, yes have to coz it's not from my own will :). So it's like go back to the place where i started...