Saturday, January 27, 2007

Love is everywhere

Just read Wenni's blog, I agree with her that love can be in everywhere. You can find love in school society, colleagues, friend of a friend of a friend, club, party, neighbour, even in internet by online chatt.

Yes, I know some success stories bout couple who met online and now they live happily ever after as husband and wife. My ex colleague now lives in Canada with her husband, and yes they met online :)
I also know other couple who met online and now still together and seems going stronger everyday, like this girl.

I know this girl is having some kind of long distance relationship with the guy she never meet, she knows this guy from some love/dating online something and they keep in touch since then. They even make a regular call, he calls her and vice versa, and also he told her that he wants to marry her and ask her to come to US. He even told her to apply VISA and he will send her some money bla bla bla...

Being a nice girl, she believes all that. She even claimed that she's seeing him at the moment... I just hope that he told her the truth and i'm happy for her if they are for real.

What is the definition of seeing someone? How can you know someone that you haven't meet? Looking back to my experience, people still can lie to you eventhough you live close by and seeing them everyday (happen to cheated husband).
It's not like i'm skeptical about long distance relationship, but I believe that if you want to have a success long distance relationship the foundation should be strong enough to overcome all obstacles, coz infidelity often comes along the way and become big problem.

For sure, i will not believe instantly on what people say online coz people tend to say things they want people to hear/know, so it might not be the real thing and becareful of freak people out there.

But, I will not say no and reject to the online thing coz it's fun anyway to have many online friends and also maybe there is some slight opportunity for me to meet my Mr. Bond or Mr. Kent ;)

Circle of life

Been so busy lately, have no time to update my blog, even i have no time to sleep. Yeah, the work really pushed me to the limit, i stayed at the office till 3 AM in the morning for 2 days in a row. That's not a life... But hey that's a life in advertising agency though :)

And here I am, writing blog from the office... What a life lol...

A life in advertising agency would be like this:
- got call from client at early morning (yes 8 AM is very early for us, especially if we stayed till 2 AM at work), asking whether we can make the presentation 1 day earlier which is the next day wtf...., . Please give us some mercy dear clients -- oopss, no offense ya Ceu hihihi
- have the whole day meeting from 10 AM to 6 PM at client's office, and then back to the office to do some work, no social life for us :))
- got call from client to brief us on something and they want us to present the material by tomorrow, helloowww... we're not magician here
- have some "hot" discussion with creative team, there are things that we know what client would react on certain things guys, but you won't listen to us, and then when the client told you exactly the same thing like we did, you listen to them.. My oh My...
- waiting in vain when creative team do the work, why waiting in vain? yes because if they're not in the mood to do some stuff then we're fucked :))
- fight for the super tight deadline, c'mon guys be realistic.. it really makes me stress out
- come to the office on weekend to supervise some stuff just because the President Director didn't like our proposed POS which already approved by his team, and the President Director wants to see all 22 items on monday, hell yeahhh.. since when the President Director is taking care of POS material, don't you have better things to do mister Dutch lol

Ok, maybe you think that a life in advertising agency is that bad, it's not actually. It's only the other side of the full life. I met interesting people and good friends because we're in the same field.

But the acknowledgement of your work is priceless, it's like worth the hassle and the stress. That's why i still in this business, and for sure the money covers all my expenses lol

Friday, January 12, 2007

Confession of fine ladies

@ 12.30 - 1 am

sms out: I feel lonely

sms in: since last week end, I feel so damn lonely, not alone. I guess we miss feeling needed and loved

sms out: hmm… we have the same feeling lol. Maybe it’s typical feeling for single women at our age

sms in: yes, Wita feels the same way too, we just talked bout it last night. Nature’s calling we should be with someone permanently.

sms out: yes we want to be with someone, but what can we do if we haven’t found the right one?

sms in: why is it hard for us to find the right one? why is it hard for us to open our heart, i'm sad.

sms out: maybe we need a closure, so that we can open our heart.

sms in: what closure? in my case, i did the closure, case close.

sms out: Or maybe, we have too high standard and criteria for our man? But, are we willing to lower down our benchmark just for the sake of getting it fast?

sms in: it’s hard… well, maybe we have to learn to accept of what God’s planned for us

Late night conversation with my dear friend Wenni. Yes, maybe we miss feeling needed, we miss feeling loved and we miss the feeling of sharing with someone close to our heart :)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The simple life

After 3 days in row attended FGD (Focus Group Discussion for whom don’t know what is FGD), something struck me.

The respondents are stayed home mom with kids, 1st and sequential kids (read: 2nd or 3rd kid). I’m an observer kind of person, I like to observe people so that I know how to react in front of them and also I like to guess their reaction toward something. So I like to observe their conversation before the session begins, coz for me that is the real and honest conversation among them.

Here are things I learn bout them:
- They have to make sure that their babies have the right nutrition by feeding them the right products. Entry point for my brand
- They have to make sure that the house will look neat by the time their hubby come home after hard work at the office, they want to pleased their hubby by showed to him that she can take care of everything
- They have to make sure that all the bills are paid on time. Husband is working and wife manages the money.
- Groceries shopping can be their pleasant entertainment from boring routine, but sometimes they can not enjoy it too as they have to make sure that their home or baby is alright while they’re gone.
- “Me time” is playing time with the baby

For sure they will not have these kinds of things: no deadline pressure, no angry boss, no bitchy clients, no stubborn creative, no failed creative output, no decrease sales and etc.

As a housewife they live their life in a simple way. But, is it that simple? Is there a simple life for anyone?

I want to have it, if there is such a thing :)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Will you marry me?

That is probably the best question that every women want to hear. Yes, at some point, we women want to settle down, have children and live happily ever after with the man we love or I would call the love of my life :)

But we also made some mistake by marrying someone just because we got pressure from family, friends and society, and also we think that in certain age we are old enough to get marry no matter if we are not ready mentally.

I know this girl for 10 years, and the latest news I heard was that she’s getting married with this man (Mr. A). They have different religion, well some of you might think that it’s not a really big deal and some might say that it is a big deal, especially if your big family is fanatic to one religion.

Well, I will not talk about the different religion here. What really shocked me was the reason behind why she decided to marry him. Actually, she expects the other guy (Mr. B) to marry her but he never pop up that question (yes, she managed to get involve with 2 guys at the same time, don’t ask me how J). As she reach 30 y.o this year, She decided to get married with Mr. A, even though her heart belongs to Mr. B, because Mr. A is the one who pop up the question. She once told me that she wants to have the ideal marriage of same religion under one roof; she doesn’t want to repeat her own experience by came from mix religion in the family. But now, she is willing to sacrifice her own will so that she can marry before 30. She also thinks that she has to get married coz her inner circle has married as well, she doesn't want to feel left behind.

It got me thinking, is that a strong reason to marry someone?

For me, marriage is a big thing, and also a gambling thing. You never know what would happen along the way during the marriage itself. Some people who got married in the name of love can not survive their marriage and divorced.

But my mom meets my dad only 2 months before they got married. Being a good child, my mom accepted what was asked for to do by my grand parents. And my parents live happily ever after, until my dad passed away 12 years ago and my dad was my mom love of her life.

So, is there an exact and strong reason to begin a marriage? So that we can survive our marriage, till death do us part.