Saturday, January 27, 2007

Circle of life

Been so busy lately, have no time to update my blog, even i have no time to sleep. Yeah, the work really pushed me to the limit, i stayed at the office till 3 AM in the morning for 2 days in a row. That's not a life... But hey that's a life in advertising agency though :)

And here I am, writing blog from the office... What a life lol...

A life in advertising agency would be like this:
- got call from client at early morning (yes 8 AM is very early for us, especially if we stayed till 2 AM at work), asking whether we can make the presentation 1 day earlier which is the next day wtf...., . Please give us some mercy dear clients -- oopss, no offense ya Ceu hihihi
- have the whole day meeting from 10 AM to 6 PM at client's office, and then back to the office to do some work, no social life for us :))
- got call from client to brief us on something and they want us to present the material by tomorrow, helloowww... we're not magician here
- have some "hot" discussion with creative team, there are things that we know what client would react on certain things guys, but you won't listen to us, and then when the client told you exactly the same thing like we did, you listen to them.. My oh My...
- waiting in vain when creative team do the work, why waiting in vain? yes because if they're not in the mood to do some stuff then we're fucked :))
- fight for the super tight deadline, c'mon guys be realistic.. it really makes me stress out
- come to the office on weekend to supervise some stuff just because the President Director didn't like our proposed POS which already approved by his team, and the President Director wants to see all 22 items on monday, hell yeahhh.. since when the President Director is taking care of POS material, don't you have better things to do mister Dutch lol

Ok, maybe you think that a life in advertising agency is that bad, it's not actually. It's only the other side of the full life. I met interesting people and good friends because we're in the same field.

But the acknowledgement of your work is priceless, it's like worth the hassle and the stress. That's why i still in this business, and for sure the money covers all my expenses lol

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