Saturday, August 18, 2007

Happy birthday to me......

Friday, August 17, 2007

Got a little bit of mellow feeling today when me and my boyfriend had a small conversation about my big brother...

Me and my family supposed to meet him today, but God has other plan. Maybe this is the best way for you that God has planned, no more pain and no more struggle.

I will cherries the memory we had and remember you as my big brother, always and forever.

Good bye brother, I will take care of Mom and your wife, hug dad from me if you meet him up there, may you rest in peace, amien.

Hug and kiss for both of you up there

Love you

Pre birthday

Day 1 before my birthday and I don't experience the birthday blues like years ago.. because I'm happy and grateful

I'm grateful that I have wonderful girlfriends that always be there for me in my good and bad times.
I'm grateful that I have a wonderful boyfriend who is care about me a lot, nice, sweet and support me, thank you babe for become my shoulder to cry on when I got the news for the 1st time and be here for me throughout the times..
I'm grateful that I have a wonderful family.
I'm grateful that God still gives me opportunity to meet my brother and pleased him before You take him from our side forever, may he rest in peace.
I'm grateful that I have this good job so that I can live independently and help my family as much as I could
I'm grateful that I'm still here, healthy and alive in my 29 years living in this world, Thank you God for giving me such a bless.

I wish that I will have a wonderful year ahead in every aspects on my life, amien.