Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mencintai atau dicintai?

Kalau boleh memilih mungkin kita akan memilih untuk mendapatkan partner yang compatible dalam hal mencintai kita, artinya cinta kita dan dia sama besarnya tidak ada yang lebih besar atau lebih kecil. Manusia memang selalu punya rencana tapi Tuhan jua lah yang menentukan apakah rencana kita bisa terlaksana atau tidak.

Friend of mine has situation that she has to choose between mencintai dan dicintai, she's looking for the answer by asking God which one she should choose, but then she said God didn't give any answer. I said to her, maybe God gave you hints but you ignore all those hints as you have your own will for that.

Just follow what your heart says, we are only the outsider, you're the one who will live your life. Trust your judgement, but if your judgement was wrong then you have to take any consequenses of your choice. Whatever happens, i'm sure it will make you stronger than ever in facing the future.

If you have to choose, what would u choose, mencintai atau dicintai?

2nd day at work

Holiday mood still in the air, eventhough most of us didn't go to real holiday, we just spent time at home taking care of the house as the maid still in their home town... Yeah, it's their annual leave i guess, they are human too who need to take a break just like us :)

It's really hard to make ourself enthusiastic to work, but hey we need to work so that we can pay the bill rite?

Jakarta still empty not like used to be, but i bet 2moro will be crowded as usual maybe even more as always happen after mudik the new comer will be more.

Since our boss hasn't come yet, so let's have lunch at Bandar Jakarta Ancol..... yahhhooooo...

Monday, October 30, 2006


I’m exhausted about what’s goin on surround me, my friends, my family, work, trying to find the answer of my life, looking for love and the most exhausting thing is trying hard to hate you.

But I just couldn’t do it. Dunno why…

I don’t wanna feel exhausted anymore…

Curiosity kills the cat

That line is so true; sometimes we want to know everything about everyone. And when we find out the truth, we get hard time to accept it.

I always have curiosity bout what’s goin on among my friends, it’s shows that I care about them. But what I about to find out is something that make me feel disappointed, sad and left behind. We’ve been friends for almost 10 years, but then I realize you don’t know your friends eventhough you think you know them well. Maybe time is not the answer, maybe I’m the only one who think that we are that close, maybe….

Learnt my lessons, just stop asking, stop wanna know, stop looking for the answer, stop wanna be included in everything.

Just wondering why….

Monday, October 16, 2006

Gossip is just gossip

I admit it that I love to hear or read or watch gossip about my fave celebrities, coz i don't know them personally and the gossip make me closer to them, make me know their latest update.

But, when you heard gossip about your self then it is suck!

Yeah.. heard rumor bout me out there, have been 2 ppl come to me for confirmation. Gosh, why can't people just leave me alone. I thought i've passed that phase since i'm no longer with him. I know many gossips bout me when i was still with him, i accept that as consequences of my decision being with him.

I'm single now, but why people still talking bout me?

That's so funny, cos my personal live is completely my privacy. Whom i date, which nationality of the man, or my new hang out place are purely my decision. As long as i don't do damage to others, i'm free to do anything i want. This is my life, i know every consequences of my decision, and believe me i've learnt from my experience :)

Well, i guess i have to take the bright side instead of whining and complaining about it. People love me that much so that they won't leave me alone, they always wanna know update of my life, or maybe i do my own gossip show :))

Hell with them, i know my self and i don't have to prove anything to anybody. My inner circle who love me and i love knows bout real me and their judgement is the only matter for me.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Poni Prima

Nama penyakit baru kah?
Nama cafe baru ya?
Nama butik baru kah?
Nama agency baru?
Sejenis makanan yang lagi ngetrend sekarang?
Nama pacar barunya si anu ya?
Nama selingkuhannya si itu ya?

Bukan bukan, semua salah... Poni Prima adalah salah satu kondisi yang lagi trend sekarang ini dikalangan anak muda jakarta (khususnya perempuan) yang mempunyai potongan rambut berponi.. Seperti saya dan Ceceu Wenni contohnya.

Kenapa sih si Poni Prima ini jadi trend? Ini ada hubungannya dengan bulan puasa yang sekarang kita lagi jalanin, puasa kalau tidak sholat adalah percuma hukumnya alias kita cuma dapet laper dan haus tanpa dapet pahala..

So, selama menjalankan puasa ini kita berusaha untuk menjalankan sholat 5 waktu (I know i know we should do it everyday not only in fasting month.. but..), nah alhasil poni yang udah sangat prima karena udah diset sedemikian rupa tadi pagi harus rusak karena kita pakai mukena.. Bukan bukan kita mau protes.. tapi kita lagi nyari akal gimana caranya untuk tetap mendapatkan poni prima for the rest of the day.

Salah satu yang dijalankan Ceceu Wenni dan teman-teman di M8 sangat tepat, yaitu menyiapkan roll rambut di kantor, gunanya ya untuk mendapatkan si poni prima itu tadi.. Jadi mereka selalu memakai roll rambut itu di kantor kecuali pas sholat (ya nggak bisa kali ya pake mukena kalo ada rollnya gitu hihihi), salah satu antisipasi yang patut diancungi jempol.

Kalau saya mungkin lebih simple, cukup dengan bediri depan cermin besar yang ada di kantor dan menset si poni biar tetap prima walopun abis kena air dan ketekuk karena mukena. Voilaa... Si Poni Prima lagi loh... alhamdulilah