Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Another chapter of my life

I meet new people in my space, ok you can call me shallow or what ever, it always interesting meet new people and somehow these new people has given me something to hold on to.

Talked to 22 y.o Jack from California, he doesn't believe in me that i'm single... yep.. as far i recall I am still single and maybe i'm a bit skeptic about love at the moment hehe...
He told me about this good book that i should read called "The Road Less Traveled". It's about love, about its independence and how its not a dependent.

I told him about my previous relationship and he said that the man i dated before was not the best chapter in my life but he was only the best character in that chapter of my live, my living, my story. There will be many more chapter and character in my life to look forward to, people come and go but those who stay are the important ones. I have to agree with that coz after i think over about that, i guess he had a valid point.

I kinda amazed that 22 year old can say something like that, but for sure he gave me more strength to stand up on my own and for sure now i look at my life in different perspective. Meeting this new people is another chapter of my life and i am grateful for that.

Thanks buddy :)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

9 ways to meet a man

  1. Don't develop hard-and-fast rules
  2. Be unashamedly proactive and methodical
  3. If you are going to a party, bar or event, don't travel in huge wolf packs of women
  4. Avoid being to glam. Other tip: Consider wearing something that could be a conversation-starter, like a t-shirt with something funny written on it or a faux-fur vest that a guy may ask to touch
  5. Have a drink in your hand. Tip: Don't stand around empty handed. If you are holding a drink, a guy won't feel he has to immediately buy one for you. But then later, if things are going well, ordering you a refill gives him something positive to do.
  6. Do not be too coy
  7. When there's an adorable guy suddenly in your path, don't be so worried about saying the perfect thing that you end up saying nothing at all.
  8. Be positive
  9. Really hear what he has to say

Lessons from the love doctors

The Show: House
The Lesson: Hold out for someone emotionally available

The Show: Grey's Anatomy
The Lesson: Resolve your ex issues before moving on

The Show: ER
The Lesson: Don't give up on your soul mate

The Show: Scrubs
The Lesson: Being jealous doesn't equal being in love

The Show: General Hospital
The Lesson: Never change who you are for a love interest.

5 questions to ask on a date

  1. What's your favorite scene from your favorite book or movie?
  2. What do you love about your job?
  3. What's your definition of relationship?
  4. If money were no object, what would you do with your life?
  5. Will you share an embarrassing moment with me?

By asking these questions and considering the answers, you’ll gain valuable insights onto your date—and know whether the two of you are likely to click on future get-togethers.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Dating rules

1) On the 1st date, let the man pay for you (breakfast, lunch or dinner)
2) Don't talk about your past relationship
3) Don't talk about your ex BF or GF
4) Don't get too much drink (alcohol), you don't want to give bad impression on the 1st date will u.
5) Don't make any silly comments about surounding
6) Make an eye contact during conversation
7) If you don't like him, order food that cook fast so u don't have to wait for long
8) Try to seduce him (if you like him) abit, not too much. Play with ur hair could be works.
9) Update news before you go, so you can have wide topic of conversation
10) Talk about light topic, what's your interest, what's ur fave books, movies, musician and etc. Talked about your dream house and how many children do u want in the future might scared him to death.
11) Let him see the fun of you by throwing some jokes (good one!)
12) Don't be Miss. Complaint of the year. Guys hate whining gurls, they don't have to see it from the beggining rite ;)
13) It's ok for a kiss on the 1st date
14) If you go to the zoo or shopping, let him drive the cart, let him leading, let him decide for you.
15) Don't be too dominant in everything
16) You don't have to take in charge for everything, show some weakness is fine, guys love that.
17) Set for 2nd date if everything went rite, it's ok if you ask him
18) NO SEX on the 1st date!!!
19) Just be yourself, let him sees the real you
20) Give him a clue so that he knows that you're having a great time

Good luck gurls....

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Life isn't all ha ha hee hee

Above line is so true, taken from drama series made by BBC aired in Star World past 3 sunday.

There are 3 girls who become best friends since they were a little girl: Shaila, Tania & Sunita.
Shaila naive and sweet girl that just got married with Deepak (she thinks she loves him), Tania succsessful carreer woman works in BBC and direct her own show, Sunita housewife with 2 children work as administration/secretary, her hubby is a therapist.

Shaila, she always been a sweet and ordinary girl, she likes to cook and do things around the house just like an ordinary housewife and stay home mom. She has to accept the reality that her husband has an affair with her best friend (Tania). She knows from the 1st time they were kissed, but she keep it her self, she don't want to confront him coz she couldn't afford to live alone as she has no personal income.

Sunita, she has low self esteem coz her hubby always under estimate her in every way. Her hubby never thinks that she has real job, he never appreciate her for everything she do. She'll feel better after she slice her upper hand as the compensation. She finds her "love" in Shaila's doctor, young man that appreciate and respect her.

Tania, succesful carreer woman but she has problem with her family coz her BF isn't Indian and she left home to pursue her carreer instead of becoming ordinary housewife as common thing for Indian women. She's the one introducing Shaila to Deepak, but eventually they realize they have love to one another. She starts to sleep with Deepak without knowing that Shaila is pregnant.

They are not pretending to be strong in front of the others, they put honest feeling about their life. How Tania is feeling so guilty knowing that Shaila has to rush to hospital while she sleeps with Deepak, and she's appologize to Shaila of what she's been doing behind her back and start to be her best friend as before. How Sunita's hubby knows about her bad habit and how he's trying to get her back. How Shaila finally realize that she doesn't love Deepak, she just love the idea of having a husband and great wedding ceremony, and she accepts the fact that Tania & Deepak love each other.

Tania learnt from her mistakes that she has broke her best friend's heart and do anything to make it up with Shaila, and she go back to her family as her root. She realize, she's nothing with out her best friend and her family by her side.

Sunita finally can express her feeling to her hubby and share her feeling with him. She choose to work on her marriage and to overcome her secret habit.

Shaila never think that she could live by her own foot, but she did it. She filed for divorce and she start to become single parent for her baby boy. She forgives Tania & Deepak and she let Deepak be a good father by letting him do his responsibility.

They could overcome their own problem with stick together as a friends, coz real friendship could not be taken away by anything.

Such a good movie, don't u think so? I love it!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Friends: new friends, old friends, good friends

Inspired by Farika's writing (tuh Friks aku tulis nama kamu hihi) about old & new friends.

I can proudly say that i have many friends as long as i live, beside the fact that i'm a loveable person (hehe) also the fact that i have live in 3 different cities. Yes, i was born in Jakarta, then move to Tangerang until i was in 1st grade of senior high school, then move to Tasikmalaya when my dad passed away and back to Jakarta for college until now.

When i was in Tangerang, i have 2 friends (Diki & Devi) that always go to school (from kindergarten and elementary school) together by Becak back then, they are siblings that live next to my house. We are so close until the day we went to different junior high school.

And then when i was in junior high school i become member of a cool gank (yes girls gank, such a trend back then), they are Heni, Nena, and Annie. We always go together and we even support each other when we have 1st crush on boy. And again we become separate when we went to different senior high school, new friends, new environment, new activities, new excitement has slowly break us apart eventhough i went to the same school with Heni.

In senior high school i have new gank with Adjie, Evan, Esti, Elni & Ria. We were at the same class back then and i was head of the class. Adjie & Evan are sit together, Esti & Elni together and me & Ria together, we are such a perfect combination. We are so click, we always hang out together even during the weekend. If there is boy who approaches one of us, they have to get Adjie & Evan's approval vice versa with them. And then i have Evi, Reni, Ani, Riris, Rika, Sugih, Dewi as my new gank when i was in Tasik.

College was different story, as i have to move to Jakarta for college. My new friends are Aee (still in touch until now), Esther (she's in Hawaii now), Ria & Icha. And now i have Noni & Eko, Febi, Pitroy, Aimi & Bang Oji, Bamby, Sam, Egi, Evi & Devim, Sam & Yuli, Melly they all are Aee's friends from junior high school. What a big circle ya...

I met Febi when i start working at Bates, Febi is Aee's friends from junior high school. I also met Fanny & Dina, we become inseparable, we always go clubbing together, yes we have something in common :). I also met Iin, Ncus, Farce, Grace, Lee-a, Cinta, Lupi, Deli, Truli at Bates newer era. Until today we manage to hang out together once in a while to update about our live.

I would say that McCann was my great era, coz i met so many friends there. Dini, Keke, Farika, Sisi, Miranda, Sanny, Telly, Sari, Mia, Gaby, Joyce, Lilian to name a few. They gave new color to my life, coz from these girls i can understand more about life and married life of course he he he

FCBers are so crazy, they are "banci tampil", they always do creative pose for photography. Laugh and bitterness colide and become the glue that make us together. I met Wenni when i was working at FCB, she was my client who apparently become gosip friend, late night SMS friend :)...
Friendship after profesionalism is to explain my relationship with her.

Thanks to Asti, now i have new circle of friends: Anita, Melly, Prila & Dinar. With these new circle i have widen the opportunity to meet new people as Anita & Prila are not agency's people, it's good to go out side of agency's environtment sometimes hehehe...

I wouldn't categorized them in certain groups. I wouldn't say my friends from kindergarten to senior high school as my old friends, and my friends from college to FCBers as my new friends. I would say they all are my friends and they all good friends of mine.

With them, i have been thru so many things and thanks to them i can be here at the moment and somehow they have helped me to be who i am now.

I love you all...