Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Another chapter of my life

I meet new people in my space, ok you can call me shallow or what ever, it always interesting meet new people and somehow these new people has given me something to hold on to.

Talked to 22 y.o Jack from California, he doesn't believe in me that i'm single... yep.. as far i recall I am still single and maybe i'm a bit skeptic about love at the moment hehe...
He told me about this good book that i should read called "The Road Less Traveled". It's about love, about its independence and how its not a dependent.

I told him about my previous relationship and he said that the man i dated before was not the best chapter in my life but he was only the best character in that chapter of my live, my living, my story. There will be many more chapter and character in my life to look forward to, people come and go but those who stay are the important ones. I have to agree with that coz after i think over about that, i guess he had a valid point.

I kinda amazed that 22 year old can say something like that, but for sure he gave me more strength to stand up on my own and for sure now i look at my life in different perspective. Meeting this new people is another chapter of my life and i am grateful for that.

Thanks buddy :)


Farika said...

Clever guy :)
Even if he didn't come up with that thought by himself.

Unknown said...

Yep, not bad for 22 y.o boy ya hehe

mister::G said...

The best character in the chapter? What was the font type then? Heuheuheuheu :P

Unknown said...

Beda-beda tuw font typenya tergantung demand hihihi