Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bule (Caucasian) Guy Dating Indonesian Girl

Got this article from my girl friend Anita, and she even wrote something about it in her blog. I just don't understand why people are bitching around about this thing. Some say that most of Indonesian Girls are looking for money because they are willing to be with 60 years old Caucasian man, these Indonesian Girls are willing to do anything to get a better life and get a chance to travel around the world with this Caucasian boyfriend.

That phenomenon is not only belongs to Caucasian Guy and Indonesian Girl, it also happens with Indonesian Guy and Indonesian Girl. Maybe we don't see it much between Indonesian Guy and Indonesian Girl is because this Old Indonesian Guy is doing it secretly, because they're usually married man. We know that some of Old Bapak-bapak pejabat married this young Indonesian Girl, but we don't care that much about them.

Well, yes some relationships between Caucasian Guy and Indonesian Girl are not working as it should be, some met scumbags Caucasian Men, and some experienced a broken heart because of this Caucasian Men, but some also found their true love in Caucasian Men like this girl who now lives happy with her husband in Aberdeen.

What if, this Indonesian Girl has found her true love in her 60 years old Caucasian husband? Do people really care that this is not just about the money, there is some feeling involve here, and even if yes this Indonesian Girl married this Caucasian Guy for his money, so be it. People has freedom to do whatever they want and who are we to judge them.

For me, it's just the matter of taste and preference. What's wrong if we find the attraction in this opposite skin tone human being? I believe we choose the person, not the skin tone.

How about we reverse the situation,
Bule (Caucasian) Woman Dating Indonesian Man.

Do people still bitch around about that? I don't think so.

And how about Old Bule (Caucasian) Woman Dating Young Indonesian Man.

Do people really pay attention to that?

Again, there are only 2 people in the relationship. Whatever their reasons to be in that relationship, it's their choice and their own business.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Man VS Contact Lens

Obviously contact lens is not man's thing as I witnessed a man struggle every morning to put up the contact lens into his eye, along the way with the swear came from his mouth every time he failed to do so.

I got a good tip today from my colleague on how to wear contact lens, I'll try to transfer this knowledge to this man, hopefully this tip can help him up and to avoid tension relationship between this man and the contact lens

I always offer to help but this is the thing that he has to do it by him self.. So what I can say is practice makes perfect :)

Good luck Babe!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Pursuit of Happyness

I was disappointed after watch this movie, heard from people and some of my friends that this is a good movie.

This movie was reflected that people are not happy because they are poor, successfully showed by Thandie Newton's tight face and she finally walks away from Will Smith because He's poor. And at the end of the movie Will Smith is happy because He has successfully become one of the stock broker in Wall Street, well that means He makes money and rich.

My bf was told me that He had different experience back then when He was young and work as door to door salesman, the people in poor neighborhood usually looks happy and friendly but the people from rich neighborhood always looks stiff, stressful and unfriendly.

Maybe people from poor neighborhood can find happiness in other things than only money such as family, love, togetherness, friends.

People say money can't buy happiness, but why people can smile more often if they have money?


You may not pay attention to this thing, you may even doesn't know that this thing is exist.. But surely this thing is magic.

Well, it is magic for me. I'm not the kind of person who is good in cook.. I cook simple thing, and this thing is my life safer.

Just add a little bit of this thing into whatever you're cooking, then your cook will be tasty. Happened to me couple of times, tried to impress my bf by cook him kwetiaw goreng for dinner and I added a spoon of this thing and voila.. He said my kwetiaw goreng is tasty :D.

Just like last night when I cook some vegetables to accompany his tuna pasta, the veggie is tasty and the magic ingredient is this thing.

Whoever invented this thing should get any reward, coz it's magic!

This magic thing called Oyster Sauce :)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Kapan? Sebenarnya adalah pertanyaan biasa yang sering dilontarkan orang.


- kapan meetingnya?

- kapan dating?

- kapan makannya nih ngobrol terus?

Ya, kapan adalah sebuah kata yang biasa dan sering digunakan sehari-hari. Tapi pertanyaan kapan bisa jadi suatu pertanyaan yang mengganggu kalau di ikuti dengan:

-Kapan giliran loe nyusul ke pelaminan? Jangan sampe keduluan si anu loh

-Kapan kawin? Pacaran terus ntar keburu tua

-Kapan mau nambah anak kedua?

-Kapan mau pindah dari rumah orang tua?

-Kapan bisa berdiri sendiri gak tergantung sama orang lain?

Pertanyaan kapan diatas cukup mengganggu buat orang yang bersangkutan.
Kenapa? Karena pertanyaan kapan diatas itu adalah pertanyaan yang sangat pribadi.

Punya pacar tetap yang udah berlangsung cukup lama pasti akan mengundang pertanyaan “kapan menikah?” dari orang-orang sekitar. Bukan berarti orang yang bersangkutan nggak mikirin nikah, semua orang pasti ingin menikah eventually karena kita adalah mahluk social yang butuh orang lain. Tapi menikah itu gak berasal dari satu orang aja, it takes two to tango, kalo yang satu ngerasa siap tapi yang satunya ngerasa belum siap ya gak akan kejadian juga dong…. Dan lagi menikah itu bukan hal yang gampang, perlu kesiapan mental lahir batin dan juga materi, some people say “cinta aja gak cukup kuat untuk bikin pernikahan langgeng dijaman yang udah makin edan ini, ada banyak hal yang harus dipersiapkan”

Pertanyaan “kapan menikah?” akan sangat mengganggu kalau kita lagi gak punya pacar, tapi tetap menganggu juga walaupun kita punya pacar karena itu adalah pertanyaan yang sangat pribadi, even my mom wouldn’t dare to ask that question to me.

Kenapa sangat mengganggu pertanyaan tsb? Karena pertanyaan itu akan create pressure pada orang yang bersangkutan. Pressure gak cuma dialami oleh single person tapi someone with partner will feel pressure dari pertanyaan tsb

Menikah is not a game, menikah is not a race so people please stop ask that question to other people.