Wednesday, October 17, 2007


You may not pay attention to this thing, you may even doesn't know that this thing is exist.. But surely this thing is magic.

Well, it is magic for me. I'm not the kind of person who is good in cook.. I cook simple thing, and this thing is my life safer.

Just add a little bit of this thing into whatever you're cooking, then your cook will be tasty. Happened to me couple of times, tried to impress my bf by cook him kwetiaw goreng for dinner and I added a spoon of this thing and voila.. He said my kwetiaw goreng is tasty :D.

Just like last night when I cook some vegetables to accompany his tuna pasta, the veggie is tasty and the magic ingredient is this thing.

Whoever invented this thing should get any reward, coz it's magic!

This magic thing called Oyster Sauce :)

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Finally Woken said...

Darling, you will soon find out that basic ingredients for Asian stir-fries are basically the same. One step at a time... soon you're gonna be a great cook!