Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bule (Caucasian) Guy Dating Indonesian Girl

Got this article from my girl friend Anita, and she even wrote something about it in her blog. I just don't understand why people are bitching around about this thing. Some say that most of Indonesian Girls are looking for money because they are willing to be with 60 years old Caucasian man, these Indonesian Girls are willing to do anything to get a better life and get a chance to travel around the world with this Caucasian boyfriend.

That phenomenon is not only belongs to Caucasian Guy and Indonesian Girl, it also happens with Indonesian Guy and Indonesian Girl. Maybe we don't see it much between Indonesian Guy and Indonesian Girl is because this Old Indonesian Guy is doing it secretly, because they're usually married man. We know that some of Old Bapak-bapak pejabat married this young Indonesian Girl, but we don't care that much about them.

Well, yes some relationships between Caucasian Guy and Indonesian Girl are not working as it should be, some met scumbags Caucasian Men, and some experienced a broken heart because of this Caucasian Men, but some also found their true love in Caucasian Men like this girl who now lives happy with her husband in Aberdeen.

What if, this Indonesian Girl has found her true love in her 60 years old Caucasian husband? Do people really care that this is not just about the money, there is some feeling involve here, and even if yes this Indonesian Girl married this Caucasian Guy for his money, so be it. People has freedom to do whatever they want and who are we to judge them.

For me, it's just the matter of taste and preference. What's wrong if we find the attraction in this opposite skin tone human being? I believe we choose the person, not the skin tone.

How about we reverse the situation,
Bule (Caucasian) Woman Dating Indonesian Man.

Do people still bitch around about that? I don't think so.

And how about Old Bule (Caucasian) Woman Dating Young Indonesian Man.

Do people really pay attention to that?

Again, there are only 2 people in the relationship. Whatever their reasons to be in that relationship, it's their choice and their own business.


Finally Woken said...

Cky, baca deh comment-nya Tammy Ho. She lists all the famous people with Indonesian father and bule mother like Sophia Latjuba, Ari Wibowo, etc. Maybe you should do a thoroughly research and post it. Never heard a bad thing about that, except that they've produced lovely children :)

annecantik said...

salam kenal, neng Ecky! I love this particular posting of your blog ;-)

Anonymous said...

Love this post. My husband is 16 years older than me. I guess people talk about it all the time behind my back. But since I make more money than he does, I don't really care.

He is funny and smart (not good looking) and he understands me. If I found a chinese guy who thinks the same guy as he does, I would have married them as well.

goofy andie

Unknown said...

Andie: You go girl... It's your own relationship, only you and your hubby involve in that relationship, don't give a shit with what people say about it ;)

Sometimes people don't know what's inside but they still make a fuss about it.

Anonymous said...

People will always care. I don't think that's good or bad, just how it is.

It was even strange for me (from NYC) on my first trip to SE Asia to see these disgusting bule with beautiful young women as you would never see that here (except for someone like Donald Trump!). However, if it works for everyone involved - that's fine.

Of the countries I visited, only Thai women really seemed that they did not want to leave their country in search of a better life. Of course there is also a big difference between girls met in a bar and normal women in these countries... However I think it's fairly easy to determine true love from desperation.

True love is too difficult to find, if it can be found who cares about the opinions of anyone else...

Anonymous said...

I agree that people should just butt out of other people's lives. If two people are happy together, people shouldn't talk behind their back. Just live and let live. It's not just bule though that have much younger wives. I know a Sundanese man who was 52 years old and his wife was only 25 when they got married. Nothing wrong with that either though.

I'm trying to help some Indonesian friends of mine to find Western husbands, as they have asked me and I promised to help as much as I can. I'm married to an Indonesian woman and would also like other mixed couples to post on my site about their experiences. I think it will be great. There's a live chat box there too.

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PaT said...

i don't know what's special about it, about bule indo girls, all is the same. it is already done so many times, if you look here in holland there is a lot of people of different heritage, like negro-white, latin, south america-white, eurasian, you know westerners are the most interracial people in the world.
i am too an indo, coz my grandfather was dutch.

Anonymous said...

i am not white but American asian trying to pick up a Indonesian girl. Any tips? do I have a chance?

She seems financially OK. she is a students can rents a expensive apartment and pays hugh tuition to go to a private American niversity. I am not pursuing her for her money.

Does her religion or her culture prevent her from dating me?

Unknown said...

@Anonymous: It depends on her and her family, yes her family. Family usually play big part of her life in Indonesian culture.

Ceria Fussy said...

Thanks for this post, I have been dating with a white guy and sometimes it's so annoying how some Indonesians see us, he is 14 years older then me btw but he is smart and I am comfortable and he is a great friend to discuss many things. Often when we out for dinner etc, the waitress always gives the bill to him or even menu. It seems a simple thing but for me it is a message that "i am not considered". Thanks God that he always gives to me, and lets me deal with. It was bothering me lots before, but now..well I just do not really care. We both happy and our family support us, and that is the most important.I have secure job and make good money for my life. I don't demand any financial support form him and he really respect me for that. Sometimes, people say, "sudah diajak kemana aja?" oh God...I just can't accept this but I also cannot tell to all of them that I can go every where I want without him..I am not an "escort" girl as they thought. It is kind of unfair consequences ..