Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Pursuit of Happyness

I was disappointed after watch this movie, heard from people and some of my friends that this is a good movie.

This movie was reflected that people are not happy because they are poor, successfully showed by Thandie Newton's tight face and she finally walks away from Will Smith because He's poor. And at the end of the movie Will Smith is happy because He has successfully become one of the stock broker in Wall Street, well that means He makes money and rich.

My bf was told me that He had different experience back then when He was young and work as door to door salesman, the people in poor neighborhood usually looks happy and friendly but the people from rich neighborhood always looks stiff, stressful and unfriendly.

Maybe people from poor neighborhood can find happiness in other things than only money such as family, love, togetherness, friends.

People say money can't buy happiness, but why people can smile more often if they have money?


Anonymous said...

Kok sama ya, gw juga baru nonton film itu kemaren. touchy dan menyemangati. Kalau kata the real Christ Gardner: Education is the way out.

Keren yah.

Unknown said...

Tapi gw gak suka akhirnya, karena dia bahagia pas dia punya kerjaan means dia punya uang... pas waktu miskin kayaknya gak bahagia..

Anonymous said...

ih, emang iya kali kalo miskin mah ga bahagia hehehe

Anonymous said...

salah tafsir gw kira...(?)

dia tidak bahagia bukan karena dia miskin,

tapi karena dia ngerasa dia ngga bisa bikin anaknya bahagia.

khan kebahagiaan terbesar adalah membuat orang yang disayangi berbahagia?

endingnya dia bahagia bukan karena dia jadi kaya, tapi karena "hope"nya untuk mampu bikin anaknya bahagia terjawab.

Unknown said...

kalo gw gak salah nangkep nih, anaknya itu bahagia dengan kehadiran kedua orangtuanya yang rukun dan saling menyayangi.

True kalo kebahagiaan terbesar adalah membuat orang yang disayangi berbahagia, tapi kebahagiaan gak bisa diukur oleh materi