Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What if.....

Have you ever thought of that question? "What if……..

Would my life be different if I didn’t do that?

Saw “Out of sight” last nite, I love the quote that George Clooney said to J.Lo “what if you walk on the street and pass by someone and you look at them for 5 seconds and you know that you have known her/him somewhere, but you didn’t say anything and the moment has gone away, when you realize they’ve gone you can not stop think about it, and you wish you say something coz you know that it somehow wouldn’t happen again, maybe only happen once in your life.."

And you wondering what would happen if you say something that moment…. What if…

If that moment has gone, there’s nothing you can do.. you can not turn back the time, what you can do is just live your life best you can do, and follow where faith takes you to.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Golden Child

In every company I work there always been such a title of a golden child, interesting how the title can come up. What should we do to get that title? Should we kiss ass our bosses or what?

Such an interesting question eh :)

Personally I don’t care with that kind of title or term or whatever you wanna call it lah, I believe everybody has their own strength and weakness, and if their strength can make them become the golden child then be it. I’m type of person who just work for the best, don’t care with such title.

But what if the existence of this golden child ruins the settle situation?
Especially if this golden child has ruined the plan that supposed to be mine, it’s settled until this golden child has a request and the big boss is willing to take the hustle to grant this golden child’s request.

Who’s to blame in this kind of situation? The boss who are willing to do anything for the golden child, or should we blame the golden child himself/herself, as she/he knows how to use the privileges?

I know life is not always be as what we want, life is full of shit and other stuff but when it comes to you to experience it, then it sucks.

What should I do? What can I do? Is there really a thing that I can do? Or I just have to accept it the way it is?

There’s always an option for that situation, take it or leave it, as simple as that. Let’s just see how things will work around here…

Monday, November 20, 2006

Being single vs being in a relationship

I got this topic from someone's blog, and it's quite attracted me in some way :)

The grass in neighbor’s garden is always greener right? It seems that whenever you are in a relationship you say that you feel sorry for single people while under your breathe you say, "I wish." Single people seem to have all this freedom yet, suffer from being lonely all of the time. Or if you are single, then you will longing to have someone to share to and wish that you’re in the relationship now.
What’s the deal? Which is better? Well, you tell me.

These are things most people do it if they are in a relationship or not. The question is, who enjoys it the most?
1. Going to Bars
(a) When you are single: You are free to flirt with the opposite sex. There are no eyes on you that will make you feel guilty about what you are doing and who you are talking too. You can dress anyway you want, you can talk to anyone you want. And if you get really wasted? There is no one for you to fight with. And if you get laid that night, it could be that fun and exciting, "I have no idea who the fuck this is kind of sex."
(b) When you are in a relationship: You always have someone to dance with, drink with, and talk too.You are almost guaranteed sex that night. You know where you are going at the end of the night and there is always someone there to take care of you when you are done.

2. Watching TV or Movies
(a) When you are single: You don't fight over the remote control. You don't have to watch sports if you are a girl or American Idol if you are a guy. Men don't have to be burdened with chick flicks and women don't get stuck watching action movies.
(b) When you are in a relationship: You have someone to snuggle with. You can laugh together, and talk about the movie or show with someone. You may even see a movie that you loved that you might have never taken a second glance at if you weren't with someone.

3. Sleeping
(a) When you are single: You get the whole fucking bed to yourself. No one snoring, hogging the covers, or doing the unnecessary over cuddle strangling you from getting a good nights sleep. You wake up when you wake up, and you go to bed when you want to go to bed.
(b) When you are in a relationship: You can cuddle. You feel the security of someone else in your bed. You have someone there to get you water, or scratch you back. And lets not forget the spoon and grind when you first wake up in the morning.

4. Shopping
(a) When you are single: You go to your stores. You go for as long or as short as you want to. You try on whatever you want and you don't have someone second guessing your decision or more importantly, how much you are spending
(b) When you are in a relationship: You have someone to keep you company. You have someone to bounce ideas off of. You can make sure that your significant other doesn't buy stuff that makes them look stupid, and you might have someone there to help you keep your spending in check.

5. Sex
(a) When you are single: Each time is like the first time. You are being touched, kissed, and banged in a different way every time. Its new, its exciting, and you don't have to deal with all of the emotional baggage that comes with being with
(b) When you are in a relationship: This is your person. They know you and your body. You don't have to worry about who they have been with, how to please them, or if they are going to be there in the morning.

It doesn't matter if you are single or with someone. There are undeniable advantages in certain situations where being one is better than the other.
So my question to you is this. 1-5 what would you rather be in that circumstance and why?

Friday, November 10, 2006

What were you thinking???

People make mistake, although He is the best surgeon (Dr. Burke) in the best hospital in Seattle made one mistake in his brilliant career. Too much watched Grey’s Anatomy last nite hehe, I love that show.. It’s f…g brilliant (oops pardon my language), yeah you would say it’s only a movie for God sake….

Do you wanna know what mistake made by Dr. Burke? He left a towel in someone’s lung after he did surgery and they just found out about it 5 years later. His mistake was threatening someone’s life but he admitted and accepts his mistake and he’s only human who can make mistake.

We are only human who can make mistake sometimes, people screwed and fucked up sometimes, we aren’t God after all, We can’t always be perfect all the time, and human being entitle human error too.
Is that an excuse or what?
No, I’m not trying to say any excuses or what.. I’m just saying that it’s ok to make mistake so that you can learn from the mistake and try not to do it again. I believe we are smart enough to learn from the mistakes. Put it behind you but don’t forget it, always remember your big mistakes so that you will be a better person and self-improvement is the most important thing that you can get from your mistakes.

Is there any logic explanation for the mistakes you made? Guess, it’s up to you to figure out the answer….

Just don’t look back, learn from your mistake, keep walking forward and make tomorrow as a better day than today.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Put your heart into work

Should we do that? Or should we just work for the money?

If we put our heart into work and would we get? Does the company will love us back or they will just treat us like another pion and squeeze us to get the best of us, and won’t care what we feel and think.

So, will it be the best choice if we work only for the money?

Can someone tell me, what is the best attitude towards work....

Monday, November 06, 2006

Be happy

I was laughing when friend of mine said that his goal in life beside become a marketing director (at least) and have a nice villa in Asia for retire, is just be happy.

I was thinking that is such a simple and easy goal, but when I’m thinking thru it, apparently it is not as simple and easy as I thought. You have to be honest with your self to be able to say that you’re happy; of course you might say you’re happy but are you really happy deep down inside?

I believe happy is a deep feeling that every human being is longing to have. Happy means acceptance of what you have and what you got in life, not complaining or whining or envy with someone else’s life.

Are you happy with your work?
Are you happy with your family?
Are you happy with where you live now?
Are you happy with your car?
Are you happy with your current saving?
Are you happy with your friends?
Are you happy with your life partner?
Are you happy with your love life?
And the most important thing is, are you happy with your life?

Does being rich and famous can make you happy? Coz I know that money can’t buy happiness, many celebrities have problems with their life.
Does being pretty and handsome can make you happy? Referring to many people who are willing to do plastic surgery to make them prettier not to mentioned that Prince Charles choose Camilla Parker instead of beautiful Lady Di.
Does being God damn brilliant like Einstein can make you happy?
Does being soo skinny and slim can make you happy?
Does being fit and healthy can make you happy?
Does being big can make you happy? Some say big is beautiful
Does become Mrs. Tom Cruise can make you happy? Katie Holmes doesn’t look as bright as she used to be
Does become a mother of Brad Pitt’s daughter can make you happy?
Does become Jenifer Aniston’s latest boyfriend can make you happy?

What makes you happy with your life?

Be happy is not impossible thing to achieve, but I’m sure just be happy is also not an easy goal to achieve.

Friday, November 03, 2006


Dream place to go, I have to go there someday somehow...

Greece.. I'm comin.....