Friday, November 10, 2006

What were you thinking???

People make mistake, although He is the best surgeon (Dr. Burke) in the best hospital in Seattle made one mistake in his brilliant career. Too much watched Grey’s Anatomy last nite hehe, I love that show.. It’s f…g brilliant (oops pardon my language), yeah you would say it’s only a movie for God sake….

Do you wanna know what mistake made by Dr. Burke? He left a towel in someone’s lung after he did surgery and they just found out about it 5 years later. His mistake was threatening someone’s life but he admitted and accepts his mistake and he’s only human who can make mistake.

We are only human who can make mistake sometimes, people screwed and fucked up sometimes, we aren’t God after all, We can’t always be perfect all the time, and human being entitle human error too.
Is that an excuse or what?
No, I’m not trying to say any excuses or what.. I’m just saying that it’s ok to make mistake so that you can learn from the mistake and try not to do it again. I believe we are smart enough to learn from the mistakes. Put it behind you but don’t forget it, always remember your big mistakes so that you will be a better person and self-improvement is the most important thing that you can get from your mistakes.

Is there any logic explanation for the mistakes you made? Guess, it’s up to you to figure out the answer….

Just don’t look back, learn from your mistake, keep walking forward and make tomorrow as a better day than today.

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