Monday, October 16, 2006

Gossip is just gossip

I admit it that I love to hear or read or watch gossip about my fave celebrities, coz i don't know them personally and the gossip make me closer to them, make me know their latest update.

But, when you heard gossip about your self then it is suck!

Yeah.. heard rumor bout me out there, have been 2 ppl come to me for confirmation. Gosh, why can't people just leave me alone. I thought i've passed that phase since i'm no longer with him. I know many gossips bout me when i was still with him, i accept that as consequences of my decision being with him.

I'm single now, but why people still talking bout me?

That's so funny, cos my personal live is completely my privacy. Whom i date, which nationality of the man, or my new hang out place are purely my decision. As long as i don't do damage to others, i'm free to do anything i want. This is my life, i know every consequences of my decision, and believe me i've learnt from my experience :)

Well, i guess i have to take the bright side instead of whining and complaining about it. People love me that much so that they won't leave me alone, they always wanna know update of my life, or maybe i do my own gossip show :))

Hell with them, i know my self and i don't have to prove anything to anybody. My inner circle who love me and i love knows bout real me and their judgement is the only matter for me.

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