Friday, August 17, 2007

Got a little bit of mellow feeling today when me and my boyfriend had a small conversation about my big brother...

Me and my family supposed to meet him today, but God has other plan. Maybe this is the best way for you that God has planned, no more pain and no more struggle.

I will cherries the memory we had and remember you as my big brother, always and forever.

Good bye brother, I will take care of Mom and your wife, hug dad from me if you meet him up there, may you rest in peace, amien.

Hug and kiss for both of you up there

Love you


Farika said...

Your brother died?? Am so sorry to hear that. Insya Allah he's in a better place ya Ex

Anonymous said...

neng, i didn't know about this.
maaf ya sabtu kemarin aku bener2 gak tau...

turut berduka cita. may God give you and your family strength to deal with this. i'm sure your brother is in a wonderful place now.