Thursday, January 11, 2007

The simple life

After 3 days in row attended FGD (Focus Group Discussion for whom don’t know what is FGD), something struck me.

The respondents are stayed home mom with kids, 1st and sequential kids (read: 2nd or 3rd kid). I’m an observer kind of person, I like to observe people so that I know how to react in front of them and also I like to guess their reaction toward something. So I like to observe their conversation before the session begins, coz for me that is the real and honest conversation among them.

Here are things I learn bout them:
- They have to make sure that their babies have the right nutrition by feeding them the right products. Entry point for my brand
- They have to make sure that the house will look neat by the time their hubby come home after hard work at the office, they want to pleased their hubby by showed to him that she can take care of everything
- They have to make sure that all the bills are paid on time. Husband is working and wife manages the money.
- Groceries shopping can be their pleasant entertainment from boring routine, but sometimes they can not enjoy it too as they have to make sure that their home or baby is alright while they’re gone.
- “Me time” is playing time with the baby

For sure they will not have these kinds of things: no deadline pressure, no angry boss, no bitchy clients, no stubborn creative, no failed creative output, no decrease sales and etc.

As a housewife they live their life in a simple way. But, is it that simple? Is there a simple life for anyone?

I want to have it, if there is such a thing :)


Farika said...

Simple (& safe) is boring, Ex :)

Unknown said...

Indeed, but simple for awhile would be nice though, sometimes i just feel tired of the turbulence :)