Saturday, January 27, 2007

Love is everywhere

Just read Wenni's blog, I agree with her that love can be in everywhere. You can find love in school society, colleagues, friend of a friend of a friend, club, party, neighbour, even in internet by online chatt.

Yes, I know some success stories bout couple who met online and now they live happily ever after as husband and wife. My ex colleague now lives in Canada with her husband, and yes they met online :)
I also know other couple who met online and now still together and seems going stronger everyday, like this girl.

I know this girl is having some kind of long distance relationship with the guy she never meet, she knows this guy from some love/dating online something and they keep in touch since then. They even make a regular call, he calls her and vice versa, and also he told her that he wants to marry her and ask her to come to US. He even told her to apply VISA and he will send her some money bla bla bla...

Being a nice girl, she believes all that. She even claimed that she's seeing him at the moment... I just hope that he told her the truth and i'm happy for her if they are for real.

What is the definition of seeing someone? How can you know someone that you haven't meet? Looking back to my experience, people still can lie to you eventhough you live close by and seeing them everyday (happen to cheated husband).
It's not like i'm skeptical about long distance relationship, but I believe that if you want to have a success long distance relationship the foundation should be strong enough to overcome all obstacles, coz infidelity often comes along the way and become big problem.

For sure, i will not believe instantly on what people say online coz people tend to say things they want people to hear/know, so it might not be the real thing and becareful of freak people out there.

But, I will not say no and reject to the online thing coz it's fun anyway to have many online friends and also maybe there is some slight opportunity for me to meet my Mr. Bond or Mr. Kent ;)

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Anonymous said...

hello! I'm blogwalking! I think if the foundation is strong enough, a long distance relationship will survive. tp ya itulah, back to the foundation thing. so now the question is: how do we build a strong foundation? :)