Friday, January 12, 2007

Confession of fine ladies

@ 12.30 - 1 am

sms out: I feel lonely

sms in: since last week end, I feel so damn lonely, not alone. I guess we miss feeling needed and loved

sms out: hmm… we have the same feeling lol. Maybe it’s typical feeling for single women at our age

sms in: yes, Wita feels the same way too, we just talked bout it last night. Nature’s calling we should be with someone permanently.

sms out: yes we want to be with someone, but what can we do if we haven’t found the right one?

sms in: why is it hard for us to find the right one? why is it hard for us to open our heart, i'm sad.

sms out: maybe we need a closure, so that we can open our heart.

sms in: what closure? in my case, i did the closure, case close.

sms out: Or maybe, we have too high standard and criteria for our man? But, are we willing to lower down our benchmark just for the sake of getting it fast?

sms in: it’s hard… well, maybe we have to learn to accept of what God’s planned for us

Late night conversation with my dear friend Wenni. Yes, maybe we miss feeling needed, we miss feeling loved and we miss the feeling of sharing with someone close to our heart :)


Anonymous said...

Your attitude seems to be different from the one your friend adapted ( " Wanna get married because all of my friends are ").
Btw , which is your benchmark ?
See ya in Jakarta.

Unknown said...

Hi Peo,

My benchmark is to find the right guy to marry, regardless of age, social & family pressure coz I want my marriage to last forever :)

See ya in Jakarta