Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Support your local DJ wannabe!

Ok, this post and the previous one was not originaly mine hehe... I just wanna support this special man (you can see his link at my friend's list) :p

Pick his track list, see it at "My Track List for M*zzotunes Indika FM" (posted previosly), and ssstt... the prize will be given to advertising gathering. So, pick his track list folks...... and support your local DJ wannabe!
There, made my word to help you :p

Well, what do you know. Yours truly will be featured on the FIRST episode of M*zzotunes on Indika FM, with the killer track list as previously posted here before.

Actually, I tried to squirm my way out of having to "race" (or "fly") first, but Indika FM has been kind enough to provide me with 4 of the tracks which I have yet to possess. Yes, you're supposed to own the audio file for each and every one of those tracks you had listed, to qualify. But then again, I do have them, unfortunately am unsure about their reproduction quality. Hence, that is very cool of them Indika indeed.

Nevertheless, tune to Indika 91.60 FM this Wednesday, Dec 6th 2006, from 9 p.m., and express your support to the local DJ wannabe!

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