Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Love is in the air

I just read this blog silverlines the last posting was about love, hmm… got me thinking when was the last time I feel that kind of mushy feeling.. it’s quite along time ago i guess :))

What is love actually?

Where is love?

Why we need love?

Never understand love.

But one thing I know, you can not choose whom you would be falling in love with.

So when you find love, take a good care of it coz love is like a plant, it also needs to be showered by caring, affection, loving and even jealousy so it will grow and grow and grow and grow, pray it wont die.


Anonymous said...

I am as smitten as one can be !! And the butterflies are flying around VERY uncontrollably at this time around ...

About love ?
I try not to even try defining or finding what it is, where it is, why do we need it ... I just go with the tide and flow, and of course the heart ..

Anonymous said...

love is not a word to be defined.

it is something to be experienced.

seperti kata renee zellweger dan ewan macgregor dalam lagu 'Here's To Love'... kupersembahkan untukmyu kutipan yang aku suka, neng...

... Life's a martini
And you're the shaker
and baby I sure packed a punch!

Hey! Ya' Make Dean Martin look like a quaker...
Now it's only you for dinner,
And lunch!

cintaaa cintaaa... bikin deg-degan gimanaaa gituh! hahaahkahkkk...