Friday, December 15, 2006


I feel much better now, after analyzed it over the night about the pro and cons, I wasn’t as mad as yesterday yeahh.. still have that feeling but try to minimize it though.

Yes, I am disappointed, yes I am sad, yes I am angry, yes I feel rejected, and yes I wish this isn’t happening to me.

Actually I got what I want though, it’s only last Tuesday I mentioned to my close friends that I miss multinational client, somehow they are different with local client (no offense my local clients J) and after my meeting at Surabaya I wanted it even more. And now I got my multinational client, blessing in this new arrangement. “Be careful with what you wish for”

My biggest disappointment is the unfair situation and the unfair arrangement. I expecting him to be the big guy for all of us, place we can count on to hang on but he disappointed me, badly. But there’s nothing I can do for subjective judgment though.

Should I hate whoever caused this situation? Does hate is the right word to describe my feeling? For now, I don’t know the answer.

I won’t act like a saint or an angel like nothing is wrong with this situation and I’m ok with it, I’m not gonna lie but somehow it will affect our friendship in the future, sadly to say. But I’m going to be the big person here, nothing personal let’s stick to professionalism and life goes on.

I’m only human after all, I have feelings, not always positive feeling though, I have my own frustration, my own thought about the situation. But since this is happening to me, what I could do is accepting this as part of the path that I have to go thru.

It sucks for sure, but then again acceptance is the keyword. What I can do is trying to get the best out of this situation.

Maybe God has another plans for me, and whatever it is, surely He knows what best for me :)


Anonymous said...

Take it easy Ecky... Don't get mad..

Unknown said...

Thanks Peo, acceptance is the magic word :)

Neng Keke said...

Sing sabar Neng Ecky... :) I know u can get through this.