Friday, December 08, 2006


Ok, I have to admit it that the couple of days I had mood swing, I can suddenly pissed of by something small and I know I shouldn’t be like that, but I can’t help it. It’s my hormones talking by it self, or maybe it’s my alter ego who’s talking.

My 1st victim was my colleague, we’re close friends actually and being 24 y.o girl I can not blame her that sometimes she’s just too naïve. This morning she popped silly question about email I sent to people in the office, well maybe she doesn’t mean to be silly but somehow my take out is silly, and I response her with sharp word.

My 2nd victim was my ex colleague, actually she already experienced my sharp and bitter words from last night when we were talked on MSN. She has this urgent need that she needs to fulfill, but since she’s single she has difficulty in finding a way to fulfill it. She got this option but she didn’t take it, and instead of explore other possibility she’s just whining about it. For God sake, just do something, find a way or just don’t do it at all and stop whining! Gosh…..
Today, she’s complaining about her weight, she thinks she’s gained weight, of course you are my dear, you eat a lot and never go to the gym. Stop complaining and move your ass to the gym!

Ok ok, maybe I’m too much, but being me, if I want something I just do it. Let say, I want to lose another weight I just do diet and work out hard, I don’t whine or complain to everybody. I just do it.

Stop complaining, stop whining, make up your mind, don’t only talk, and just do it! For God sake!!!!!! Gosh, I couldn’t stand of inconsistent people

Maybe this is the dark side of me, apart of being nice and always listen to my friends I also have capacity to snap at things, especially to someone that couldn’t make up their mind. I’m not always understanding, caring and compromising things, sometimes I just being bitter, selfish and dark. Or maybe because I am a Leo? A tough Leo. Or maybe because I’m having PMS?


Sam said...

As long you make it up to your friends and explain why you acted like that I assume they will accept your behavior.

Thanks for dropping by btw. I guess you found my blog via Treespotter - I passed your profile earlier today when checking his comments.

I'll try sudanese when I can, and I've already seen that Jakarta offers everything. Actually more than I'd like to have. Most expats here are dirt of the lowest kind. They not only see everything you can get here, but actually also take everything they can here. Not my kind, I am not a king like they pretend to be.

tempo dulu said...

PMS? What the hell is that?

Anonymous said...

yep. PMS. definately, dear :-D

Anonymous said...

PMS bener ini mah kayanya ya neng?

sama soalnya ama gue... hihihi...

Unknown said...

Sam: I also hate those kind of expats, they think they are a king in this country and they can do whatever they want, but the most I hate about them is they underestimate us local people just because they have blonde hair, fair skin and can speak english very well, please have some respect for us :)

Indcoup: PMS is woman thingy before we got our period lol

Caramel & Miund: iya euy setelah ditilik-tilik lagi ternyata itu mah PMS bener hihihihi

Unknown said...

Leos are the best.

Unknown said...

True, we are the best lol. Thanks for dropping by Treespotter :)

Unknown said...

Dragon Leos, however, are even better.

Anonymous said...

Ok Ecky..Force your friend to diet then give her my number... A Gentleman always help a Lady need.. :-)
hati hati..

Unknown said...

Treespotter: Leo rocks! lol

Peo: I will give her you no, she surely need someone to kick her ass lol. take care