Monday, September 12, 2005

The One

How can you be so sure that he's/ she's the right one for you? Does he/she the right person that God sent you so you can spend the rest of your life with him/her? But what if he/she's not the one?

Yesterday, i attended my friend's 2nd wedd. 2nd huh? Yeahhh...... her hubby died when she was 4 month pregnan with 1st child (am sorry for her), but God still loves her as He gives someone that truly love her with current condition (along with excess bagage from 1st hubby), So they got married last night (congratulation happy for you). I just wish that her new hubby would love her child as if he's his.

But my query more to this question. The one for you should be the one that you marry, is that correct?
So, how about that kind of condition, your 1st partner died or even divorce and then you get married with someone else, so which one is the one??
Does the 1st one, or the 2nd one?

As i am wondering, which one is my mom's soulmate. Could it be my dad (he passed away when i was in high school) or maybe her's current hubby as he's with her till death do their part?

Or what if the case is like this? My Grandpa has 2 wives or even more (lika Wong solo owner)?
So, which one is his soulmate? Or which one is the one?
Or maybe God sent them all for him? Maybe God loves him so much so God gave more than one soulmate? Well, God works in a mysterious way.

I can't let go that thought, just wondering.......

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