Sunday, December 18, 2005

Wildest Fantasy

What is your wildest fantasy?

Wildest fantasy sound so kinky ya, but wait a minute am not talking about sexual thing (eventhough i would love to he he he)... I'm talking about fantasy in general.

I believe that everybody have their own fantasy, it could be anything you want to do in this life but most likely you could never done it. How so? Maybe b'coz you don't have enough guts to do it or maybe you are just not confident or even maybe it's beyond your capability.

I have one wildest fantasy in my life, which is...........

I always want to become a dancer, not only a regular dancer but got to be in one of Madonna's big concert :)

Seeing all those dancers dance in a good choreo and good movement have always inspired me.
Why? B'coz i know and aware that i don't have the body to move smoothly like that, my body is so stiff, so eventhough i so dance it's only in the club where it so dark and everybody is not paying attention to my dance :)

There is a show in MTV called Wade Robson's show (bener gak ya judulnya, lupa deh), i love watching it and always dream that someday somehow i can be one of the candidate he he he (it's oke to hava dream like that kan). Once, i tried to follow the move and it was so hard and the way i moved was soooo jelek dan kaku hihihi. My decision was right ya, to put it only in my wildest fantasy, but somehow i hope that maybe someday i could do it in the real life (maybe with the help from Oprah, just like when she helps Felicity Huffman become Tina Turner's back up singer) :))...

Have fantasy or even the wildest one could bring up the good spirit from within and for sure it could keep your spirit alive... Coz, somehow someday you have expectation to realize it.

So, keep on dreaming and feel free to fantasize anything, to make your live even more alive.

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