Tuesday, April 24, 2007

NoFX rocks!

Some of you might be surprised to hear that I watched NoFX concert last saturday, soo not me... :))

Yeah, I wouldn't watch their concert by my self in purpose that is for sure. The band was ok, they were funny.. never thought that punk rock band could be that funny though. But the crowd was scary... punk kids, lots of policemen with guns agghhh... What would happen if they start to fight with each other? What would happen if they start to be crazy because of the hot weather and the rock music? What if, what if... so many what if in my mind so i couldn't enjoy the music :(

So why would i watch the concert if i'm so afraid of the crowd? What would i watch the concert of the band that i've never heard the name before? If i don't know them, that means i don't know their music either, rite?

Well, my baby likes rock music and he wants to watch the concert, so if you spotted a girl with pony tail, always look around with worry face and never let go a white man's hand , yeap that's me...

He didn't mind to be the only guy among the girls when i asked him to company me meet the girls, caught in the middle of confusing conversation about gold gown or celebrity gossip, so why would i mind to go to the punk rock concert with him? Anyhow, he always looks after me and protect me from those punk kids.

Amazing what would you do or what you could do for someone you care alot ;)

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