Friday, May 29, 2009

Me awesome? Nah, you gotta be wrong....

Yoyen and Katadia tagged me with this wonderful award of awesomeness, not sure if I deserve that award though because I never think that I am awesome. Tried to think about my awesomeness for couple of days and I asked mr. husband this morning if he can list 7 reasons of my awesomeness, and of course being a good husband he said things that uplifted my self esteem like: I am awesome because I am funny, pretty and beautiful ,fun, cute, and other stuff that he loves about me. Is that count?

Ah well, I will try to list down about my awesomeness (if I have any) :)

1) I am awesome because my best Indonesian food is mouth watering fried noddle with lots of veggies and eggs. I know how good it is because mr. husband and mum in law loved it, talking about being nice eh?

2. I know I am awesome because I have a loving mother who text me every single day to ask what am I doing and how am I coping in the new country, yup every single day. It shows how much she loved me and how much she missed my awesomeness, you reckon?

3. Some friends think I am awesome and brave because I travel with bus everywhere even though I am new to this city. Yeah, being lost while driving is so much worse than taking bus though, on the bus at least you can ask the driver where to go and ask them to let you know on your drop off, it's easy isn't it?

4. I am awesome because now I can do ironing and I make sure mr. husband has 5 business shirts for the week. So I don't have to iron every 2 days or so, talking about being organised.

5. I am awesome because one day I walked from Canberra Institute Technology in Reid Campus to home in Barton about 4.3km and it took about 1 hours walk. Not bad eh?

6. I am awesome because it's already 10am and I haven't done any cleaning and tidying up the house instead I am still in front of the computer trying to figure out how awesome I am. Isn't that awesome?

7. I am awesome because I have great family and friends who I love and love me so much. Yes, you.. You are one of them. Who ever read this silly post consider as my friend :)

The hard part is over, here come the tough part... choosing 7 of my awesome blogger friends to list down their awesomeness, all of my blogger friends and any blogger out there are awesome in their own way, but I have to choose then the awesome award goes to:

1) Farika, Kukka's mum and a funky gal
2) Neng Keke, comedian who happen to be a good copywriter
3) Neng Wentjes, ex client and become good friend of mine
4) Parvita and her busy brain, independent, strong and awesome woman
5) Therry, creative chick and a beautiful teacher
6) Elyani, ah what can I say about her, she is awesome!
7) Yoyen and Katadia, awesome bloggers that tagged me :)

Now get back to your blog and do the homework, let me know when you finished, ok?


Toni said...

Ecky is awesome because she's proud of her culture and not afraid of showing where she's coming from.
Ecky is just awesome.

PS: My camera is missing you Ecky :)

Katadia said...

You are awesome indeed! As with the bus, the worst place you can end up with is Tuggeranong, which is like 30 mins drive max from where you live anyway! LOL!

Neng Keke said...


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Tony. I think you are awesome because you are intact of your heritage. I am very proud knowing a person like you.

As for me, thanks for the nice compliment, Ecky, but I'm afraid I'm far from awesome. Really, so far from it.

therry said...

Ecky is awesome I get turned on just by looking at her. Sorry Sam! Mwahahh.

Lorraine said...


I agree with Toni, Cisayong Girl. You are awesome because you are proud of where you come from.

From your list I love nr. 1 - 7.

Thanks for the tag back.

rima fauzi said...

babe, you are awesome, and because of so many things!!
but i love the fact that you are down to earth (bukan bau tanah yah) and very friendly (even though we've not yet met)..
pokoknya emang tob bgt de! :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome = Husband who does ironing

Unknown said...

@ Anonymous: husband does the cooking, vacuum and sewing

Lex dePraxis said...

Hey, you just got mentioned on The Jakarta Globe!


We just recently got covered by TJG too (June 18th 2009, Relationship Gurus Transform Long-Time Losers Into Lovers).

Lex dePraxis