Monday, November 02, 2009

My exercise plan

Today was stinking hot in Canberra, it's 33°C and humidity 53%. It's dry so no matter how hot it is we won't be sweaty, not like in Jakarta which very humid and you'll sweat a lot. I nick name winter as giant fridge and now I nick name spring as giant and never ending sauna lol.

But the warm weather inspires me to exercise again, yeah I have been lazy during Winter because I couldn't stand the cold when I run and also it's dark at 5pm which didn't give me enough time to run after work.

So here is my plan to welcome the summer:
- Running by the lake
- Alternate with ride a bike by the lake
- Eat healthy food: celery and carrots as snacks, no carbohydrate for dinner (well at least try to reduce it)

First thing first, I need to get the bike! We went for bike shopping last Sunday but no luck, I found the bike I like at Big W but they're out of stock in both Big W in Woden and Canberra Centre, a friend told us that we can find a bike at Salvos which is a better option because we don't have to assemble it! But then again the shop is closed when we get there, so we will try to go there again tomorrow since tomorrow is public holiday in Australia (Melbourne Cup). I don't need fancy bike though, what I need is a decent bike for exercise and I have bought the helmet not long after we arrived here :D.

When I was still living in Tangerang, I used to ride a bike a lot with my dad. We joined lots of competitions for long ride and once I won Rp 100.000 when I was 14 years old.

Does it sound to ambitious? Yeah maybe, but I plan to stick with it as some of friends said that I look chubby now and even my mum said that too arghh... Beside that, I want to look good in my summer dress!

Psst... I just bought lots of summer outfit last Saturday ;))

So wish me luck people, hopefully I can stick to my plan and emerge as a slim woman yaayyy!


blessingsgoddess said...

It sounds really hot there !

Anonymous said...

Uuuuh, running under the heat...drink lots of water! It must be nice running around the lake. I have to stick with running on the streets with metromini and motorcycles during the weekends. Sigh.

photo supplies said...

Same thing, one came to my current address for almost 9,000 and the other went to my former address for a bit over 1,800. I had 2 amex accounts and went through CCCS.