Saturday, August 07, 2010

Let's pack and send it

The uplift for international was on Aug 2nd, Allied Pickfords came, pack our stuff and send it to Pohnpei. I know it's still 2 months away why on earth we send our stuff that early, well since they'll send it thorough sea freight it will reach Pohnpei in 2 months if we're lucky or 3 months if we're not lucky. So you know why we are willing to sacrafice living in Canberra with limited stuff until the day we leave the country on 19 Aug.

The Allied Pickfords team came at around 8am and only 2 guys showed up, I was a bit pesimistic that they will finish at around 12 noon as there were about 20 people showed up when we move from Jakarta to Canberra and it took 2 days. Can you believe 20 people and they need 2 days to pack 3 bedrooms apartement? We had 79 boxes back then.

These 2 men from Allied Pickfords worked really fast and just before 12 they were almost done, ah well before they forget 1 or 2 cupboards with full of stuff in it. But still, just before 1pm they were all done with the packing, I'm in awe.

In total we have 74 boxes to be sent to Pohnpei, from 1 bedroom apartment.

Now we are living in an empty apartment with only basic kitchen utensils and 4 person dinner set. And we will move to mum in law's house next week after the uplift for storage.

It's getting real... I'm excited, a little bit sad, happy and nervous at the same time...


Maureen said...

Moving can be hectic but just imagine all the stories you can write about your new life in Pohnpei? Oooh I can't wait to read and see the pictures :D

zorlone said...


Good luck and I am excited for you and your husband's new adventure too. Don't forget to bring your camera because there are so many "Kodak moments" when you get there.

Take care!

Will keep in touch!


Rob Baiton said...

Good luck!

Unknown said...

@ All: Thanks! I surely hope to write more when I arrive in Pohnpei :)