Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Amateur Farmer Wannabe

It's been awhile since I post anything on this blog, I know I have been very slacked but things happened to me for the past 4 months. Good news and then the bad news happened just right after I think I can spread the joy, but anyhow God has other plan for us :)

So to keep me busy and taking my mind of that bad news event, I planned to expand my garden. 
Before I just plant everything on the containers but then I want to have bigger garden so I actually can enjoy the benefit without having to buy vegetables at the shop.

Here is my garden before:
We went out to College Of Micronesia to get some soil and compost and the guy who works there is actually the brother of our helper, indeed Pohnpei is a small place! So it's just natural iwhen I ask him to help me build my garden.

The garden still on going project as we always running out of soil. But kangkong, bokchoy , choy sum and some of snake beans are already planted on the bigger garden, so they can grow bigger and healthier. 

And here is my garden after expanded:

Some of the snake beans

Grow beautifully after 2.5 weeks transplanted

Other angle of my garden

We will transplant tomato to a bigger place this week, I can't wait to have my own tomato because it's really hard to get tomato here, both imported and local ones. 

Here is my first choy cum harvest from my (expanded) garden, not bad hey? It came from 2 plants and I hope it will be more to come as it has been more than 4 weeks that the shops don't have fresh produce :(.

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BabyBeluga said...

Wow.... good luck. Wish me luck too as I just started sowing some veggie seeds. I am planning to plant some veggies on our backyard as well as on our land. We still have cold North wind though. Really can't wait for Spring weather.