Sunday, September 11, 2011

Trip to Nah Island

Last weekend was our turn to take the boat out, after got confirmation from 3 other couples, we booked Francisco as the boat driver and prepare stuff to bring include food for the picnic and snorkling gear.

We decided to go to Nah island because it's not as far as Ant atoll but it has same sandy beach like Ant which is a rare treat in Pohnpei. Trip to Nah island took about 45 minutes to one hour by our boat because we have to go really slow in some shallow area especially during the low tide. Nah Island located inside the lagoon across from Nan Madol but since we're using big boat so we have to go outside the lagoon to reach it. I'm not too fancy going out the lagoon as the sea can be really choppy and rough, but this time it wasn't too bad and it's not too long so I'm fine.

The view on the way to Nah island

Nan Madol

And finally we arrived at Nah island, uninhabited island with sand beach. A gorgeous place to spend one fine Sunday with good friends, relaxing, snorkling, lunch and just wandered around the island to enjoy its beauty. Such a tough life living in Pohnpei hey :)


cholesterol lowering diets said...

OMG, what a nice place ... wish I can move there and stay there for retirement... again .. brilliant stuff from you .. and one more thing, I believe you are pregnant .. just be careful when you are out there.. watch your steps.. LOL

Tom said...

Those are amazing pictures, that I could only dream of visiting a place so remote and natural. I live the sunny mid California region, and one day wish to travel to places like this.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ecky, my name Henry. Can i ask u? Where the location of Nah island?

green tea for weight loss said...

nah island in micronesia .. there are a lot of islands .. a location above australia and below papua new guinea ... i guess .. sorry if I am wrong .. but this place kinda historic too

Aswa said...

Always love to travel around great natural places!!