Friday, March 23, 2012

The Day I Fall in Love

29 January 2012 is the day I fall in love with you, the day I welcome you to the world and the day I hold you for the first time in my life little Ms. A.

The journey begins when my water broke at 6.30am on 28 January 2012, we rushed to the hospital as told by midwife. She checked me and she said it's only 1cm dilated and sent me home, she gave us instruction that I should have some rest as labor can be anytime today but instead we went for a walk around the neigbourhood to speed things up. I got more contractions but still irregular so we had lunch and just chillin at the apartment.

At around 6pm the contraction become 3 minutes apart so we went back to hospital again in a hope that labor is happening, but the midwife said that it's only 2cm dilated so she sent me home again. I burst into tears because I wish to meet my little girl soon. I think the midwife felt sorry for me, she gave me medicine so I can sleep  and promise me that labor will be today. So off we go home again.

After a couple of hours sleep I feel another 2 minutes apart contractions, my feeling said this is it.. so off we go to hospital again for the third times at around midnight.

It was a busy night at the hospital but they managed to put me in the room, and after another uncomfortable internal check by midwife she said the dilation still 2cm oh goodness me. But this time We decided to stay at the hospital just in case labor happening fast, but I begged for a pain killer so I can have a decent sleep before the real show begins.

The morphine helps me get thru the night and at early morning I feel another painful contractions, at 8am midwife said I already 5cm dilated so the next 5cm will be quick.. so what she said. I am the biggest wuss in the world I can't handle the pain so I cry and beg for an epidural at around lunch time and after the epidural kicked in it's the whole new world. Thank God for who ever invented epidural!

I started to push at around 6pm because I had my second high temperature and little Ms.A's heartbeat was really high 200bpm. I was so excited and nervous at the same time.

And 37.5 hours after my water broke she finally born at 7.25pm, a healthy little girl weigh 3.805kg and 53cm long. Little Ms. A is a punctual baby, she was born on her due date.

The moment I hold her in my arms I can feel this huge emotion of love coming into my body, I have never been so in love like this before.

I am a mum,
I have a daughter,
my blood is in her body, 
this little person in my arms is mine,
bloody hell she was inside me all along for 9 months..

She is here... she is real... she is my baby girl...

Happy birth day my baby girl...

I love you to pieces, always and forever.

Now, let's this motherhood gig begins..

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