Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Is Baby the Best Ice Breaker?

Based on my experience from 9 months pregnant and 4 months in the motherhood gig, I can tell that baby is the best ice breaker in the world.

When I was pregnant strangers ask me how far along I am or they ask me whether it's a boy or a girl and somehow there's softness in their eyes.

When we were "stuck" in Guam for 10 days, every single person well most of people that we shared elevator with ask about Ms. A, "is that a boy or a girl?", "how old is she?", "oh she's so cute", "oh she's big for her age" and the comments will continue. Although, I'm a bit annoyed when people ask whether she's a girl or a boy when she's clearly wearing flower pink onesies.

Now, we are back in Pohnpei and Ms. A is 4 months old, everytime I took her to the shop I always got question how old is she, and when I said her age some people will look at me in horror because according to Pohnpean culture you shouldn's take your baby outside the house up until they're 6 months old.

And when we were eating out which is quite often since we're back, the waiters swoon over Ms. A and want to hold her so we can have our meals in peace, well I guess the main reason is they just want to cuddle her. At first I was a bit reluctant to let her go with random people but Mr. Husband pretty relax about it so I let them hold her, I swear they are watching us like a hawk, they won't come near us if Ms. A is in her capsule but by the time we take her out of it because she started to whingy they literally run to us and ask permission to hold her.

One day we were at the all you can eat sushi resto and there's this scary old Japannese woman that came out from her work station inside the sushi train like a flash and suddenly she was standing next to me when I was about to put Ms. A back to her capsule and ask for permission to take Ms. A with her broken English. I can see that her face is soften when she cuddles Ms. A, maybe she misses her grand daughter back in Japan.

I think Ms. A enjoys the attention too, traitor! 

But I'm grateful though, because when they cuddle her that means I 'm able to eat with my 2 hands and actually enjoying the food not just swallowing it down fast  Especially since we don't have privillage to have a full time nanny like in back home in Indonesia where we can take her to restos, some even take their nannies when they're on holiday.

I don't blame the waiters who swoon over Ms. A though, because who isn't fall in love with this sweet face?


So, who agree with me that baby is the best ice breaker?


M Ó Cléirigh said...

I totally agree with you that baby is an ice breaker. I got the same questions as well when I was pregnant. When she was born then my husband come back to work, he told me that most of his women colleagues come out from the woodwork asking about our child. They make a fuss about her and always asking how she is. Your baby is so cute. Enjoy the motherhood and cherish every moments. It wont last long. They grow so quickly. Now, mine is already 1.5 years and she isn't baby anymore. She has her own mind and independent

sabina said...

absolutely. there are so many topis about baby to discuss about.