Saturday, July 04, 2015

I'm back! Sort of...

My last entry was 2012 when we say goodbye to Pohnpei at the end of our 2 year posting and heading back to the land down under, with additional one person to the family.

And here we are now, living in Vientiane, Lao PDR for almost a year and we became family of 4.

We settled in ok, ms. A enjoying school and playing with her friends, mr. B loves playing with m. Piu our gardener/day guard and Phoung our lovely nanny/maeban and playgroups.

Mr. Husband working as usual and enjoy beer Lao so much, 'it's cheap and really tasty' he said, but he still can't convince me to drink it though, I don't like beer, period.

As for me, I try to enjoy life as a madam meaning I have someone else to look after the house, no laundry and ironing oh yeah.. well I will be doing everything by myself when we are back to the land of down under, so why not.

Stay tune for our journey in Laos, and I promise to write regularly.

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