Monday, May 22, 2006

New beginning

New office, hmm.. new people, new challenge, new environtment, new clients, new payroll, also new life? Could be.. For me, yes it is.

How so? Dunno, since i started in this new office everything start to change for me.
  1. Wake up hours: I have to wake up early, coz the office hour start at 8.30 am. Especially on Monday we have WIP meeting at 8.30 sharp, We have to pay Rp 50.000,- if we're late, so I will push my self to get up early no matter how hard it is coz i don't want to pay :D. We will use the money to buy J.Co yippiieee...... or any other food for the entire office :)). Other than that our boss always be the early bird, so we will manage to come before him, yah the latest at 9.15 still oke lah :)).
  2. New clients: aghh client is client no matter which agency you are, they are still the same :)
  3. Gym time: this has been affected by the early office hour, my exercise time was not as heavy as before :(. Couldn't afford to get up soo early so that i can go to the gym and manage to be at the office at 9 am (the latest). So the new gym time now is at night, this new arrangement kind affect to my body, hiks... I eat as usual but less exercise, well it's oke lah, as long as i still manage to exercise min 3x a weeks still fine lah. It's in my gene to have this sexy body :)) (gak papa dong muji diri sendiri)
  4. New Friends: this is the best thing that happen along to this new office, there's a bunch of single guys here so we manage to go somewhere on saturday nite hehehe... Cool eh ;). Now i can enjoy saturday with the ganks, it's fun and single is fun too! (I've been telling that to my best friend as she turned out to be single recently, we can do anything we want, we can go to anywhere we want without asking for someone's permission, isn't it fun?). But i won't forget my old friend, it's just my circle is getting bigger now, i like that :)
  5. New love? Maybe, but until now am just enjoying being single but i would gladly accept for new love :). Really hooked by someone's blog said that you don't have to chase love, the more u chase it the more it won't come to you, it will come to you when you didn't realize it.. But still open up for any good candidate hehehe..

So, don't be afraid of any changes, coz not all the changes are bad it could be something nice too, just like mine :)


Farika said...

Hebat... Gadis Cisayong cuma butuh tutorial lewat telepon untuk bikin blog ini! :)
Rajin2 posting ya, neng! :)

Unknown said...

Aku kan canggih anaknya, gak gaptek kayak Keke or Busen hihihi