Monday, May 29, 2006

My week end journey

My week end went well and fun, eventhough i have to work on Friday :(

Check in at Mulia Hotel as basecamp before go to Aimi's wed on Friday nite, quite awhile didn't do such thing, as the last time we check in at Hotel was for Aee's wed.. It become tradition in my inner circle to check in at Hotel once in a while, refreshing and dreaming become rich while enjoying the room hahaha...
Finally, managed to swim in the morning wu huuu... but i got tanned afterwards secara ya kulit gue itu gampang banget itemnya, sok pula renang jam 10 pagi :(.. well anyhow, someone eager to see it when i told him i got more tanned penghiburan diri deh ehm ehm... ;).. duh jadi gak sabar pengen tanggal 31 deh :D

Went to Aee's place with Noni, Eko and Pitroy (free meals here we come...) afer check out, coz we don't have any where else to go and hang out there till evening before we got bored and tired of eating..yup, we stopped all the food stall that pass by her house hahaha....Planned to watch XMen 3 but again canceled coz we all tired, sleepy and too lazy to queue for the ticket :D

Go to Coffee Club Plaza Senayan to meet Asti & Prilla coz don't know what to do at home on Saturday nite (masa gue kalah set sama pembenti kost yang tiap malem minggu diapelin halahh), ketawa ketiwi dan tukeran gosip gak penting ttn kasus perusakan rumah seorang artis terkenal yang jadi istri kedua anak dari keluarga terpandang halaah sok rahasia banget ya padahal seluruh Indonesia juga tau siapa mereka hehehe...
Go home at 10 pm and sms new friend that i haven't met in person (we only do sms, chat and phone to communicate to each other), and finally i said yes to meet him :)... It's kinda a new thing for me cos i'm not good in meeting new people, don't know what to talk about, prefer SMS but since he insist oke lah let's meet to wider my circle and no harm meeting new people kan :D

Finally we met at Coffee Bean Kemang on Sunday afternoon but as i told him earlier that am a shy girl, especially to new person that i barely knew, eventhough we talked intensively hehehe... But something bother me when he said that i should do medical check up the complete one ASAP, coz my body resistant is low that's why i'm easily to get cold and cough and take quite long to recovery :(.. hiks... i always afraid to go to Doctor especially to do the complete medical check up, afraid to know the unsure & maybe i got serious dissease that i don't know :((..
But he's such a nice guy, he buy me multivitamin (majority of his family member are Doctor so he knew trusted vitamin brand) and give me cough medicine, he's like a big brother to me hehehe, and thanks to him i finally list my self to do the medical check up on this wednesday :).. Duh mudah-mudahan gak ada penyakit serius ya...
One more thing that he said bothering me after he saw garis tanganku, he didn't see any marriage line gubrakkkk but he sees that i will live together with someone for along time but not married nah lohhh.... Anyway, jodoh mati dan rejeki ada di tangan Tuhan ya kita manusia hanya bisa merencanakan, what ever God's plan for me it's for the best.. I'm sure there is my other half somewhere out there waiting for me, and he might be "the one" for me, amien..And one thing i will always do is to keep on praying and trying till i finally found someone :)

Quite busy week end eh... Looking forward to next week end and wonder what would happen, hopefully good one as i expected :)

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