Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Lonely is a state of mind?

Have you ever feel soo lonely even though you are in the middle of the crowd?

I felt it and i don't like the feeling, it's really sucks. Tried to figure out why i felt this way, coz i shouldn't feel it. I have best friends around me, they can always put back the smile in my face, I have works that occupied my mind throughout the day, i have other activities like going to the gym and hang out with friends but somehow i still feel that deep down in my heart there's an empty space that longing to be fulfiled.

Does it because i simple bore with the routine of my life?
Does it because i live alone without my family? Yeah i missed them too
Does it because i don't have someone to share stories of what i've been doing today?
Does it because i just miss to have a boyfriend?
Does it because i simple need to be loved by someone?

Sometimes i don't feel like going home early after work coz i don't like the feeling when only find dark and empty room, sigh...

Sometimes i imagine that i would feel good falling asleep in someone's arm hugging me, and when i open my eyes he still there looking at me with his full of love's eye.. hmm.. i think i dream too much ya :)

Still don't know if lonely is only a state of my mind? or is it a real feeling? or i feel lonely coz i simple need to be love?

Whatever it is, I guess what i feel is still normal & human, as human being we do have certain needs that only can fulfil by certain person :)


Farika said...

It's okay, babe. You're not alone :) Semua orang pasti pernah mengalami hal kaya gini. Sucks, emang. Tapi mungkin ini 1 state to get you through 1 level up to maturity. Oiya, kalo kata temenku, situasi kaya gini istilahnya "riang-riang sunyi". Bener banget yak!? Hihihihihi

Unknown said...

Bener banget tuw istilahnya "riang-riang sunyi"...hehehe