Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Be ready....

You never know when it finally comes, you can not predict time, you can not predict place and you even can not predict on how it finally link to you...

Saw Rexona spot last nite, the message is to be ready for any circumstances coz it might come at the most unpredictable time. The girl is chasing her purse that lead her to a good looking guy, but since she's not apply the product she got sweat spot at her blouse right at the underarm spot ouch!.., It's nice tho.. and very insightful (at least for me)

One of my girlfriend always dress up nicely, make up properly never show of bad hair day no matter where we go, eventhough we're only hang out at friend's house. When i asked her why she always dress up nicely, do make up and hair do properly everytime we hang out, she gave me an answer that really strike me. She said, your soulmate can be everywhere and anywhere, you never know when he comes, he just there and i want to be ready for that moment..I don't want him to see me in a mess. Nice thought eh.. :)

So, here i am... trying to always look good everywhere i go, no matter if i have mood swing that day or i have no time to dress up or even have a bad hair day. Looks good not necessary have to do full make up tho, just put everything right together and still reflect your personality can be a well done job. Just feel good bout your self then i believe everyone will see that too. I do it not just because i want to be ready for that moment when eventually i meet my soulmate to be, i do it for my self coz i want to feel good bout my self more rather than i do it for someone else. Then if that moment finally come, it will be a plus point for me tho, don't you think so? ;)

So, girl... Be ready.. Dress up nicely, prepare your self for anything might happen to you today. No harm to look good for your self and for someone else :)

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