Thursday, August 24, 2006

Jomblo akut

New trend among mature females who live in big city like Jakarta. Why do i say new trend? Yes because i have many yes many female friends who are single, or jomblo. Hmm.. Jomblo sounds more fun than single ya :)

Does being jomblo is a choice? or given situation that you want to change, but hardly can?

My best friend said she can not live without man, so she prefer to play game with 2 men at the same time eventhough her boyfriends (yep, boyfriends - with s) can not give assurance she needs rather than being alone or jomblo.

My other friend hasn't have any romantic relationship since her last BF at 1997, wow.. what a record... She's whining about wanting a BF so deeply, she doesn't ask for such a high standard tho, she just simply wants BF who loves her at any stake. She's kinda a homey girl, she loves being at home with her parents or her DVDs (yes, she has 1 special made cupboard for her DVDs). Sometimes, i thought that's why she hasn't find any BF yet, because she seldom go out or when she goes out not for long as her parents will call her and ask her not to come home late. Maybe she needs to go out often so that she can meet new people rather than stay at home all the time, maybe..

But, i have other friend that quite an outgoing gal. You can easily find her at new place/club/resto or any party in town, you can say she's a party animal and always update at any trend but she's still single or jomblo at the moment. Her last BF was 2 years ago, believe it or not she even ask me to hunt man for her at my building hahaha crazy girl...

Hmm.. 2 different situation, but same result: JOMBLO AKUT!

What's wrong with them? Nothing wrong, they are beautiful and independent women or maybe they are too independent? Maybe... And how come they are still single?

Another story, friend of a friend told me that her friend is such a beautiful person, funny, kind, success and graduated from Esmod Paris (yes Paris!) but her dream man choose small city nurse over her. She can't understand why he did that, or maybe he's being intimidating by her so he choose regular girl? Maybe... That was my thought tho.

Nothing wrong of being jomblo tho, we can go anywhere and anytime we want, we can do anything we want, we can go out with 1st cute guy we meet at the club without any objection or even cause a fight with our BF. But, it nice to have someone to share your feeling, your deepest secrets, your dreams and your passion.

We could analyze everthing we want, but i believe if the time is not rite then no matter how hard you try to find a BF, it just won't work :). Love is like a butterfly, the more you chase it the more it will fly away from you, but when you let it go it will come to you even when you're not expecting it (taken from SIM F blog )

My friend told me today just to enjoy the situation of being jomblo, yes.. enjoy it while you can, there will be time when you gonna miss it while you're in the relationship.

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