Tuesday, October 14, 2008

About me...

I am not in the mood to write and lack of idea.. so I'll write something about me instead.

I am pure Sundanese.
I love veggies, when I'm at Sundanese resto I can eat all those "lalapan" (veggie that goes along with sambal).
I love spicy food, the hotter the better...
I am not a morning person.
I don't drink beer, I think beer tasteless. All of beer drinkers will hate me for this statement.
I used to be a tomboy girl, well I think still am till now. My friends say I'm a man in a form of woman's body :)).
I used to have a goal to be an army/marine when I was a kid.. yeah.. I'm that weird.
I am a sleepy head.
I am a big wuss. I was cried when Sam asked me to join him to ride sling shot and I even cried when Sam told me that I should ride all BIG 6 in Dream World.
I am afraid of ghost.
I am afraid of height.
I am afraid of dark.
I am a slow eater.

I am a sensitive person. Sometimes I can very sensitive for no apparent reason.
I am a baby crier. I cry when I watch movie. Not necessary sad one, I will cry when someone's died or couple's broke up or a fight or just seeing tears drop.
I have bad teeth, good thing I decided to wear braces couple of years ago, so now you can enjoy my sweet smile :)
I used to have short boyish hair until junior high school.
I like to wear short.
I used to be a gym freak.
I like being lazy. Doing nothing just watch TV, read a book is consider as best activity on the weekend.
I learn to drive on the small path of rice field when I was in Tasik. My grandma's driver taught me.
I moved to Tasik after my dad passed away and lived there for 2 years and finished senior high school there.
I am a Leo. Female Leo who can be scary for others, but once you get to know me better you'll love me haha.
I just bought my own apartment on the same year of my 30th birthday, not bad eh.. although it just a small one.
I can be a bitch if I want to, but I choose not to because life is too short to have enemies.
I like eating.
I have a wild dream to be Madonna's dancer.
I love the smell of fresh baked bread.
I have dreams to own a bakery and flower shop for my retirement.
I fallen in love with Canberra Milk and the clear blue sky of Australia.
I want to visit Greece, someday.
I am stubborn. I will not back down until proven wrong.
I utilize this blog as my diary. I will write about my feeling and feel relieve afterward.
I always dream to have slim body, I really hate the fact that I can gained weight fast and takes a looooooong time to lose it.
I wish I can do liposuction for my big flabby upper arm.
When I was a kid, I really hate my skin color and want to have fair skin just like others.. I tried all those whitening products but no significant result then I give up.
I can cook: rice on rice cooker, instant noodle, fried egg, scramble egg, omelet, fried noodle, veggie soup.
I love cheese,
but I hate goat cheese.
I don't eat lamb.
I don't eat oxtail soup. The food that consider as heaven for some Indonesians.
Back then when I was younger, I can do clubbing twice in a week: Wednesday and Friday and won't get home till 4.
I am not a pet person, I never have any pet, ever.
I don't mind take ojek, so I can reach my destination fast.
I really hate Jakarta's traffic jam.
I was thrilled to see Jakarta's blue sky yesterday.
I have a thing for Grey's Anatomy.
I always think my self as an ugly duck.
Some people say that I'm photogenic, meaning I am so much better in photo than the real one.
I always forget the year of mom's was born. I remember the date but forget the year, all the time.
I am afraid of deep ocean. I don't mind snorkeling, but I will freak out when I can not see the bottom of the ocean. I almost break guide's finger when I was snorkeling in Bunaken.
I am a SMS person. 80% of my total phone bill was from SMS.

Should I stop or continue?


Anonymous said...

hayo, sudah ikut Blog Action Day 2008 belum?

Anonymous said...

Girl, what do you mean by saying you're dreaming of slim body?

I wish I had your flat abs!

Anonymous said...

ky... where hv you been? missing you here.. :)

Anonymous said...

Beer is tasteless? *faint*

You should come here and I'll force-drink you Red Tuborg LOL

You're definitely not an ugly duck, girl. You're a pretty swan already :D

Anonymous said...

Pretty thorough for someone who has no idea for writing. Thanks for letting us know you more, 'cky :)

Anonymous said...

Salam kenal...

Hey you should try scuba diving! Come to Bali and I'll take you. Promise, you'll still be able to see the ocean floor :)

xaer8 said...

Hey i love you blog. Anyway, nice posts to read! You Indonesians have lots of pretty faces and one of them is YOU!

Elyani said...

Hi Ecky, finished read your list!
Congrats on the new apartment! are you going to throw an apt warming party?

Anonymous said...

Same here Ky, don't find beer drinkable.

Unknown said...

@ Mia: errr... the idea of deep water scares me :)

@ xaer8: thanks. Please do come again.

@ Elyani: The apartment still in development now, will be finished 2011.

@ All: thanks for all of your comments

Ivy said...

wow...we are almost alike. i don't drink beer, used to be a tomboy. used to want to be in marine, etc, etc... we really should meet up! hehee

Rob Baiton said...

Now all that is left is to do the kopi darat thing (seeing beer is tasteless :D)...

Anonymous said...

your a beautifull person inside and out

Anonymous said...

Girl, you have a beautiful skin tone!! And that abs of yours is absolutely fantastic, I wish mine is as slim as yours!!!!

Hey, be lucky that you're photogenic, I look crap in every photos no matter what pose or lighting I'm in lol

Anonymous said...

I will guarantee with the right instructor (wink wink)you will enjoy the underwater life!

Anonymous said...

Asli canteek, pun di foto juga. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ecky! Thanks for stopping by. You own an apt already?? You go, girl!!

Unknown said...

Hi Rose, thanks and your comments are very much welcome here.