Monday, October 27, 2008

Boobies, anyone?

Everybody was talking about boobs lately, you can read it in Anita, Tree, Therry, Rima, Elyani, and GJ. Now it's my turn to write something about my boobies er.. I mean everybody's obsession: boobies....

Back then when I was younger, I hate my boobies. Hate hate hate hate.


Because it starts to grow when I was in 4th grade, when my other friends can wear nothing underneath their uniform, me? I was forced by my mom to wear "miniset" (teen version of sport bra). By the time I was in 6th grade it was blossomed and my friends called me "susu" (means milk in Indonesian), I really really hate it. And because of my blossomed boobies made me the centre of attention everywhere I go. My mom always remind me to be careful with pervert.

I hate my boobies because it caused me difficulty to find the right top, simple V-neck t-shirt can be too revealing for me, and it's hard to find the right shirt. Sometimes, I envy people who can wear plunging neck line top/dress without being too revealing or too sexy. Just like Jennifer Aniston picture here.

Ok, that was back then.


I embrace my original cute shape boobies, why I say original? Because it's real no surgery touch at all. And I love the shape, I love the size. It's just perfect for me. I don't want to change anything. I'm happy with what I have.

Well, I still have difficulty to find the right top but now I just don't care if people think my outfit is too revealing and too sexy, I'm proud of and happy with it. And the most important thing is I have no complaint so far :)).

Just like everybody else, I also obsess with boobies, not only mine but also others. Anita knows my obsession well ;). I just like to admire the beauty of it, both fake or real ones. I have no problem with fake boobies though.. It's up to them if they feel fake ones will bring them happiness and boost up their self esteem. Sometimes when I see big boobies I will play a game: is that real or fake?

It is not me in this picture and I won't tell you who is she. She's just a girl with nice big boobies, is it real or fake? Only she knows ;)

And my other obsession is to touch fake boobies, not that I want ones for my self though, it's just that I want to feel it whether it feels the same as the real ones or not.

But woman is more than just boobies, it's the complete package that matters.


Anonymous said...

Is that second pic of Anita's??? *penasaran*

Ecky, I lurve your boobies, they're so perky and shapely... Sam must be a very happy man! ;)

Yak, saya beri nilai A+ untuk PR nya he3x...

PS: Word verification comment ini masa 'enens', apa coba? coincidence yang freaky bgt... LOLLOLOL

Rob Baiton said...

It is nice that you are content with what you have :D

I am sure the plastic surgeons are happy that there are not too many people around like you. If there were then they would be out of business.

Unknown said...

@ Therry: I won't reveal the real identity dong :p

@ Rob: I think the plastic surgeons will hate me for that ya :)

Elyani said...

I think boobs size are not an important matter when it comes to choosing a girlfriend, although from a visual point of view bigger is better than flat :)

Ivy said...

yeah if you have it, be proud of it... many people aren't satisfied. I know I'm not with mine lol

Anonymous said...

I know whose boobs those are! I know whose boobs those are! I know whose boobs those are! LOL

Unknown said...

@ Finally-woken: Sure you do, you were there when we took the photo! lol

Anonymous said...

I can never be tired staring at those twin *mesmerized*