Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hi, how are you going?

When I first arrive at the land down under a couple of years ago I was amazed with how nice they are. Everytime we went to Coles, woolies, cafe, coffee club and any other store, the cashier or the employee will greet us with "hi, how are you going?" and with big smile on their face, well alright not all with big smile but the greeting is always there. Eventhough maybe they are not mean it when they greet you but it still give nice feeling, well at least for me.

Coming from the country who people say the people are nice, I never get that greet back in Jakarta. Not when I'm at the cashier at Hero or Carrefour or Ranch market let alone cafe or bar, never. But I would make an exception for EP and Cazbar.

When I'm in the good mood I will answer with "I'm good, thanks" but when I am in a bad mood I just give them smile, yeah I am a mean person sue me.

Maybe only Coles and Woolies who trained its employee to greet customer, but I would say that is a brilliant strategy to make the customers feel welcome. I guess there is nothing wrong if Hero and Carrefour want to adopt that strategy.

And after all, Indonesians are nice people, aren't we?

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Anonymous said...

Not in supermarket, as far as I remember. But restaurants service in Indonesia is still one of the best though, everyone is so attentive and friendly without being fake. Bank Niaga is also an extraordinary example, from security guards to tellers, all are so friendly. Garuda Indonesia crew also are smiling all the time.

However the staffs at Duty Free shop at Bali International Airport need to have their heads examined. They're not just grumpy, they're also slow and have no idea what to do.

But again, you get things like that everywhere in the world, even in Australia.