Sunday, March 07, 2010

My new hobby

It's been quite some times since I have hobby, in fact I don't know what is my hobby. I like to do many things such as reading a book, blogging, facebooking, being lazy and all.. wait... is being lazy consider as a hobby or what?

As some of you know, there are bloggers who are great photographer and great with the camera. To name a few are: Toni Wahid, Elyani, Parvita, and many more. I have never interested to own a real camera like SLR because I like to be in the photo. Yeah Toni, Elyani & Vita know that I am attention whore aka banci foto :)) and I'm very good in front of the camera, meaning I always 100% ready with smile everytime they direct the camera to me!.

But it has changed.

Since I moved to Canberra the urge to take photos with real camera is very strong, Canberra is a beautiful place especially during Autumn. And some of my friends here are also have good camera or as I called it as sophisticated camera and they are also very good at it.

So when Sam is overseas for work I see that opportunity to ask him to buy me camera because he wasn't here on our anniversary. Oh well that's just my bluffing.. but anyway he bought me Canon 500D and I'm soo happy, finally yayyy.... Although what I have is only the standard lens but I love it.. and I can't wait to get other lens err... yes baby, I know what I want for my birthday! :).

And I declare that my new hobby is taking photos!. Photography sounds too sophisticated for me :)

Here are some of the photos I took as a beginner enjoy....


Katadia said...

Ha..ha.. can't believe you woke up at dawn to the take pictures! We went down this morning but there was no balloon. :(

Unknown said...

Iya Rin, itu hari pertama hari kedua Nita kesana gak ada balon juga uhh payah deh, padahal udah bela-belain bangun jam 6 pagi tuuu :D

Toni Wahid said...

Sekali lagi ah ... selamat dengan mainan barunya Ecky yang akan mengabadikan momen indah bersama si dia ... halah :)
Semakin kesini akan semakin ahli deh.
Keep shooting ...

Anonymous said...

Great that you found out about your new interest! Congratulations ya, keep shooting, keep looking at Toni's pictures because he can find a great angle in shooting still life. Glad you got a Canon too, because the bloggers are all Canonians!