Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things You Do For Love

In my case, things I would do for love is camping. Yes, you can read my experience on camping trip here.

When you love someone, you are willing to do anything to make that person happy. Some of you may change your appearance, personality and some even change their religions to declare their love. 

Especially in a marriage you would do things to make your husband/wife happy, like trying to do and liking what the other enjoys to do. Who I am talking about marriage and stuff, I've only been married for 2 years and there are many more years to come but I learn everyday that do something for your loved one is actually gives you satisfaction and make you content. The idea of making him happy is making me happy although I don't really like it and I was whinging about it on the internet like what I just did :).

This post inspired by Mr. Husband who criticized my previous post as being too negative about camping. He just wants me to do something that he likes to do. Yes, my first experience wasn't a pleasant one but we can learn from the mistake and next time will do better. And of course I want to thank my good friends The Reynolds who went out with us although Huyen doesn't like the idea of being in a boat on a rough ocean which I perfectly understand because I have the same feeling too. Didn't I say that I'm the biggest wuss in the world?.

I understand what Mr. Husband is trying to do, he wants me to be able to enjoy thing that he enjoys to do. He wants to share the experience with me, together. Like we experience every day, every night together. 

There is nothing wrong with that, it's just he has to convince and persuade me even more that camping is fun. I can't convert to liking and enjoy camping in just after one trip, it's all about the process to actually like and enjoy it at the end.

And what would you do for LOVE?

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it's so sweet to hear about you two, I feel so envy .. but I really mean it in the bottom of my heart that you two will have a blissful life together until the end .. beautiful couple