Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Most Expensive Tomatoes in Pohnpei

That will be our tomato.... if it ever grows eventually.

I went to pick up my gardener last week and he load in bunch of long sticks into the car, I know that he always complained that if I have aa truck it would be easier to get all materials he needed for my garden. But I don't have a truck and the embassy's truck is broken so a truck is out of question.

We need wood sticks to support my tomato which already outgrown and also we need to build the structure for the tomato "house".

I ask him to load all the sticks in and see how it goes, so he put the stick from the back all the way to the front windscreen or windshields. My car is a Toyota RA4 so we have a little bit of room but not as big as a ute/pick up truck. After all loaded in then I try to close the back door, I didn't slam the door just a gentle touch trying to close it but then I hear "CRACK"... I was thinking what the hell was that... and when I see the front windscreen/windshield this is what I see... Not a pleasant sight...

I rarely swear and especially in front of people but that time I was swearing F.......K couple of time.. pardon my French.. but I was really upset and scared that Mr. Husband will yell at me when I got home.

But I have the best husband in the world... there Baby.. I said it to the whole world that you are the best husband :p. He didn't yell at me, he even comforts me by saying that it's not the end of the world... How can you not love him for that ;).

Anyhow, we finally got the windscreen replaced yesterday (thanks to Car Care) and yes it was a bit expensive but we need to replace it anyway before the crack got bigger and bigger. In order to prevent the crack to get bigger we can not turn on the air conditioner while we're driving, and driving around in the middle of the day without air con was not a pleasant experience because it's so hot, steamy and humid. Sometimes the outside temperature much better than inside the car.

So here is the tomato house that my gardener built.. pretty impressive eh?

But he said he's not done yet... uhm... not sure what else he wants to add on but for sure this time I will be extra carefull about loading stuff inside the car.

And it's been a week I talk to my tomato everytime I water it "tomato you better produce fruits soon or else....." You can fill in the blank by yourselves :).

Not sure if my scare tactic will work, I just have to wait, see, hope and pray...


Jane of Australia said...

I also have been growing tomatoes but its become winterish downhere so I need to plant some other things now
I am thinking of trying to grow garlic.
My herb growing skills are great.

from Janeof Australia 'sometimes the log in is strange...

Adrian said...

It looks good and I bet it tastes good too. I imagine it is the same like Sarikaya but sweeter? logo design

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MediaOkra said...

Just curious. Did you ever get any tomatoes off these plants? If not, what did happen? Did they flower? Did they just produce a lot of leaves and get really tall?