Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Closing Party aka Closing Ceremony

Closing party or closing ceremony is one famous event right before fasting month begins.

Muslim party goers think it is necessary to conduct one last party right before they start to fast. But now, not only muslim party goers but whoever claim themselves as party goers will When I was younger, I was one of those people. Had a last blast party before fasting. But as I grow older, I start to think that closing party or closing ceremony is such a silly thing to do.

I mean, we can have party for the rest of year but how come we can not hold back the urge to party for just one month, and we need justification with that closing party. If we have strong will to be good in this holy month, we won't need that closing party.

Probably I'm just getting old and envy those young party goers cos I can't stand to party till dawn anymore, I'll be drained and tired for days afterwards.

Well, it's just my two cents.

2 comments: said...

I think so :-)

Maybe you're getting old or you may just exhausted during Ramadhan.

Let's see, how's the "getting old" mood :-) still under those young party goers definition ?

Your word verification today suprpised me, at a glance i thought it was "mudik".
LOL unfortunately it was mudkr, similar (teteup keuekeuh surekeuh)

Unknown said...

Tere: I think I'm getting old literally not only mood :)

About "mudik", I always do that for Lebaran, always. Only once I spent Lebaran day in Jakarta. So when you see arus mudik report on TV, I was one of them stuck for hours somewhere around Nagrek or Limbangan ;)