Friday, September 12, 2008

Jakarta to implement "car free day" every week

The Jakarta Post Thu, 09/11/2008 9:10 PM Jakarta

The Jakarta car free day will be held every Sunday instead of once a month as previously implemented, according to the City Administration.

Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo on Thursday told reporters that cleaner air was essential for creating healthy living, which should be in line with the city's growth in prosperity.
"(The car free day) will be implemented once a week soon," he said.

Fauzi also hinted that the no car day, which spans from 6 a.m. until 2 p.m., may be implemented at other routes besides the Sudirman-Thamrin road.

"Only this way we can get more appreciation from the world while creating a healthier Jakarta," he said.

According to an official figure from the city administration, on Sept. 22, 2007, the car free day initiative reduced dust pollution by 36.85 percent and carbon monoxide by 50.3 percent.

However, recently some analysts said traffic congestion caused by the initiative was producing more pollution from idle cars compared to normal traffic conditions.

Typical of Jakarta Governor's decision to solve problem with creating another problem. The "car free day" will only create traffic jam like hell outside the chosen routes because the police didn't put any signage to choose alternative route around the chosen "car free" routes, so people who didn't know about it will stuck somewhere near the chosen "car free" route and forced to choose alternative route, the result? Traffic jam bumper to bumper, stuck for hours.

To my opinion, the car free day won't help to make Jakarta's air healtier, it just moves the polution concentration to other outter area.

What Governor/government could do is to increase the private vehicle tax so it will minimize private cars on the road and people are going to take public transportation. Second task is to build comprehensive public transportation, so we are willing to use public transportation. We can learn from Singapore, Thailand & Malaysia on how they built a reliable, comfortable & affordable public transport.


Anonymous said...

Ecky, serahkan kepada ahlinya...


Anonymous said...

Life is getting more unbearable in Jakarta, ain't it?

Anonymous said...

Kira2 kapan yah hari bebas tanpa kendaraan bermotor? :D

Anonymous said...

setuju cky.. cuman nambah masalah aja.

tar kalo wapres mau lewat juga, jadi ada "special condition"


Anonymous said...

Hemat saya, ide ini tidaklah buruk, hanya saja diperlukan contoh dan langkah lanjutan yang mendukungnya.

Misalnya, Gubernur dan seluruh jajaran pejabat pemda DKI diinstruksikan untuk memberi contoh dengan mengkandangkan semua mobil miliknya setiap hari minggu dan memakai transportasi umum, termasuk seluruh aggota keluarganya.

Kenyamanan berkendaraan umum pada hari itu ditingkatkan secara nyata.

Akhirnya diperlukan dukungan satuan Polisi yang lebih banyak untuk memberi rasa aman pada warga.

Saya rasakan setelah setiap hari selama bertahun-tahun memakai mobil pribadi, ada rasa kenikmatan dan kebebasan tersendiri ketika memakai kendaraan umum di hari sabtu atau minggu...

Anonymous said...

Saya tidak setuju. The idea is to discourage people from using their cars once a week. Sure, it will be inconvenient for people who do choose to use their cars on Sunday mornings, but hopefully they will think twice next time about taking that unnecessary trip because the traffic will be really bad. Eventually, Sundays will be the day when Jakarta takes a deep breath and clears itself, and the rest of the week will be just a little bit nicer.

Anonymous said...

Well, as Mas Aroengbinang said, if the governor and his staffs, the presidents and his ministers, and all the MPs show the real example by taking public transportation (it's already half of Jakarta population), certainly everybody will be as enthusiast.

Then Jakarta could be cleaner for a day and Jakartans might see blue sky again, once in a while.

Rob Baiton said...

How about a private car free week.

The only vehicles allowed on the roads are public transportation vehicles.

Nah, won't happen!

Unknown said...

I never actually go anywhere on Sunday. Easy. Sunday is the time you spend at home.

Or at least in one place in Jakarta and don't go anywhere.

Unknown said...

Free private car is a good idea though, cos 90% of on the road vehicles are private cars.

I think if our public transport as good as SIN, Msia and BKK, people who usually use private cars are willing to use public transport. Which is lead to another task -> develop a safe, clean and convenient public transport.

Cn Naz said...

hello.....i'm blogwalking =)

yeap, i would totally take the public transport if it can guarantee that i won't be pickpocketed, or leered by pervs, or any other stuffs. and if it's clean.

i might be dreaming about it, but hey, maybe someday it might come true.

Anonymous said...

yup, car free day tend to relocate pollution to less polluted area in weekends. but the pollution level remain high, i think.

bener aja, tiap weekend dkt rumh q ad 2 yg kena jatah skrg kalo gak jl. suprapto (senen-cempaka mas) yg ditutup, ya mggu berikutnya jl. pramuka yg kena blokir. menghambat pergerakan aja. hehe

Lorraine said...

Hmmm, I find this is quite an ambitious plan, every week?

Next Sunday, 21 September, happens to be the Dutch annual Carfree Sunday. It started in 1973 as a reaction following the oil crisis at that time. From 1999 it is defined as an annual event in the whole country.

How about a modest begin, once in a year in Jakarta, and this only applies on private cars?