Thursday, October 28, 2010

I miss you all, heaps

Nearly 2 years since I left Jakarta my home for 30 years and move to Canberra, it has not been easy but I have to admit it that it has not been that hard too because not long after we arrived in Canberra we joined the AIFA (Australia Indonesia Family Association) which has been great to help me settling in. And voila I met new people and make friends.

The hardest part living in a new place is leaving your comfort zone, family and friends, I really miss my friends in Jakarta and it's hard. But I am grateful that I met new friends well in fact good friends in Canberra, yes you know who you are ;).

Shinta's Arabian birthday celebration, Canberra. I wish I was there with you ladies

And just after I feel comfortable in Canberra and got really close and have strong bonding with my good friends I have to move again, leaving Canberra with its beautiful Spring and Autumn is hard (mind you I hate Canberra Winter :)) but the hardest part was leaving my friends again :(. I guess this cycle will be regular as I will be moving around due to mr. husband job as a diplomat, but as a friend said that I lost a little bit but I gained alot. Meaning I lost time to be with my friends but I gained new friends from around the world. And social network and Skype has help me to keep in touch with my friends, thank God technology....

I am still adjusting and settling in Pohnpei, I have met new friends too but I can't say that they are my good friends yet, because to be able to say that she or they are my good friends we have to have deep connection and strong emotional bonding, which I haven't experience it with friends here.

What I'm saying is that good friends are hard to find, so when you found them, hold on to them as long as you can, maintain the friendship, make an effort to keep in touch with them, communication is important, as important as trust. There are ups and downs in friendship but if we can survive it then we will have the friendship forever. Eventhough we are not physically close to each other but you're always be in my heart.

I miss you all :)
with Wenni and Muning, Setiabudi Building One, Jakarta

with the girls, Le Seminyak, PP, Jakarta

Nita's birthday celebration, Promenade, Hyatt Hotel, Canberra

Amanda's birthday celebration, Canberra

Australia Day, Weston Park, Canberra

with Anita, Margaret River, Perth

Melly and Dony's wedding, Menado

One of My hen's (bachalorette) nights, Jakarta

with Aee amd Febi, Sushi Tei, Jakarta

My other hen's (bachalorette) night, Jakarta

This post inspired by Shinta's Arabian night birthday celebration photos.


Finally Woken said...

Yeah, the 'joy' of being expat is that we keep moving around and have to start fresh anywhere we land. We leave everything behind once we feel we're attached to them. It sucks. But as you said, we're lucky we live in the era of facebook, skype and so on. Those tools make our lives easier and the distance between us vanishes.

Looking forward to our skype session again :)

Unknown said...

Hope you'll find good friends in your new place.

Unknown said...

@ Finally Woken: It's one of those days that I feel really lonely and wish that I was in my comfort zone with my beloved friends.

@ Mindy: Thanks dear, I do hope so :)