Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hike to Pahn Tikai

We went on a hike to Pahn Tikai last Sunday. This hike considers as easy-moderate and not a long hike too so that is one of the reasons we did it. The hike only took 1 hour, plus time to climb around the bat cave and/or watherfall.

The hike involves a very steep climb along a paved road, once the road ends, we follow the dirt path to a well-maintained jungle path. When the path forks, we follow the upper trail. The jungle portion is relatively short and will end at an eerily dry overhang under the waterfall.

We climbed up to explore the bat cave above us, well I managed to climb only half way until I look down and realised that it actually quite high and start to feel scared. I know I shouldn't look down but I want to see the ocean view from the bat cave.

We managed to scramble down to the waterfall, well again I managed just half way because the rocks are really slippery so I just watch people taking shower in the waterfall. There is no pool to swim in at Pahn Tikai. Following the dry portion to the end, you will find a stone stacked above dried leaves to your left. Local lore says that adding a new leaf to the pile will bring good luck.

It was a good hike, not too long but still a good work out.


Note: All photos in this post were taken by Sam.

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